Scary Sweetness

Today, I was brave and decided to keep Alvin home with me and the girls while Larry worked.  Larry has had Alvin all week while he is on winter break from school and has been staying with Larry’s grandmother.  I figured that she could use a break and, really, what is the big deal about having one more kid in the house?  Right?

Well, the big deal is the kid.  He is definitely all boy and he is younger than my two.  He is the pesky little brother that they never wanted.  He was up early and, being this is not his house yet, has been bored out of his mind most of the morning.

Luckily, Jeanette is much more patient than Brittney.  She has tried her hardest to entertain him and help me out.  They have colored. They played the Wii.  You name it she has tried it.  Her patience was wearing thin when I sent them both out in the backyard to play.

Finally, a moment of peace.  What is any mother to do when the house is quiet?  I retreated to the bathroom.  And, within a minute, the commotion returned with Jeanette running into the house in a panic.

“Mom!  Something is wrong with Alvin!” she screamed.  My heart skipped a beat.  What had the little monster done to himself?  I had only turned my back for a minute.  I played out a thousand scenarios in my mind.

I quickly finished and came out of the bathroom to see what destruction had occurred.  When I asked Jeanette what had happened she made a horrible face.  With great disgust she exclaimed, “He hugged me!”

Today, there was a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos.  There might be hope for this little dysfunctional family yet.


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