Not The Undies, Mom. Don’t Worry.

Since Britt gets to come home to an empty house in the afternoons, she has to text me in the afternoons just to let me know she made it home okay.  Initially she was just to text me when she got in the house, but she started texting me when she gets on the bus which is fine with me.  I actually look forward to our brief little chats while she is on the bus for the five minute commute home.  Most days, they are nothing more than a simple, “How was your day?”

Todays, however, caught me a little off guard.  After the normal small talk, Britt let me know that there was a fight breaking out on the bus and that boys were cursing at the driver.  Moments later, I got the text, “Freddy just pulled down his pants and is being taken off the bus.”

Needless to say, this caught me off guard.  The mental picture of a pant less boy on the bus had my head shaking.  But it was next text that really struck me funny.  She felt the need to tell me, “Not the undies, just pants.  Don’t worry.”

Is it bad that it never entered my mind that my child might have seen more than the boy in his tighty whities?  Seriously, what more can this week have in store?  Vibrators, pant less boys, the possibilities are endless, and rather disturbing.


1 Response to “Not The Undies, Mom. Don’t Worry.”

  1. January 19, 2012 at 4:18 am

    This made me giggle 🙂 I wouldn’t have thought about that either.

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