Book Reviews

For anyone that knows me, from twitter or in real life, you know that I am addicted to my Kindle.  What started as a mild obsession with getting one has turned into a true blue love affair.  I am obsessed.  I love, love, love the free books.  But I hate that I cannot put a review from my Kindle onto Amazon.  Their loss, really.  To rectify the fact that someone needs to hear my opinions on the smutty novel of the week, or month, I am going to start posting my own reviews here; this is a recap of some of my more recent reads.

Last night I finished, Prelude to a Wedding, by Patricia McLinn.  This is the second book that I have read by this author, the first was Almost a Bride, and I have to say that I was delighted both times.  The characters are very easy to relate to and the story lines are life like.  I can easily lose myself in the stories.  I will definitely be reading more by this author.

Not too long ago I finished The Marriage Pact, by M.J. Pullen.  I loved this book!  This story really grabbed me; a lot of the story could have been my own.  She really understood how “the other woman” felt.  Her characters were believable; the issues and feelings were very realistic.  It was a great read.  My only complaint is there are no other books out by the author which seriously bummed me out.

Out of Time, by Deborah Truscott, was definitely an odd read.  Honestly, that was a lot of the reason that I kept reading the book.  The story line was very hard for me to follow at times, but that kept me coming back.  I had to figure it out.  If you are looking for a brainless romance, this is not the book for you.

Jenna’s Cowboy, by Sharon Gillenwater.  Wow.  I loved the amount of feeling and emotion that was in this book.  The author did a great job in describing what so many come home to when they leave the military; there are so many aspects of PTSD that you just don’t think about.  This was a heartwarming story that brought tears to my eyes many times.  It was well written and a clean romance.  Although a little more of Nate would have definitely been okay with me!

I have had a few that just could not captivate me that are pretty much guaranteed to never be opened again.  They are as follows:

The Mancode Exposed, by Rachel Thompson.  Personally, I love the style of writing by this author, but I was really hoping for more than I got out of this book.  There just wasn’t enough to make me want to keep coming back for more.

A Proper Charlie, by Louise Wise.  I just could not get into this book.  I have no real reason.  It just didn’t do it for me.


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