Time For A Cell Phone?

This time last year, I purchased my oldest a cell phone.  She was going to be separated from her friends as they went off to their middle schools, she would be coming home alone in the afternoons, and I wanted her to have some time to get used to keeping up with a phone before she was on her own with it for the next school year.  For the most part, I have been pleased with her  regarding the phone and I had planned to get her sister one before she left the fifth grade as well.

That was the plan, anyways.  However, I am really reconsidering my precedent.

This school year has been rather difficult with regards to the busing arrangements.  My child has been rerouted on numerous occasions and been missing in action to the point where I had to call the transportation department to track down my child.  There was also one occasion where she was dropped off at home and locked out; I arrived fifteen minutes later to her in tears.  If she could have called me, I think she would have been much calmer.

Now, we are headed into a crazy summer season.  Both kids have numerous camps lined up and she has one that is a week overnight.  She is actually allowed to take a cell phone and I believe it would ease some of her anxiety if we were accessible.  Her other camps are day camps, but often require a lot of logistics as they are across town from her sister.

Other things that are weighing into my decision are things such as, if she is out with my grandmother and something happens they could use the phone to call as my grandmother does not own a cell phone.  We also do not have a home phone and there are some times, granted they are few and far between, that she is home alone.

In my eyes, the only things working against me getting the phone are as follows:  I made her sister wait until the end of fifth grade and the cost.  What do you think?


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