The Issues That Matter To Me

My daughters and I have been talking a lot about politics lately. They, like everyone else in this country, are bombarded at every turn with political rhetoric. I try to limit what I expose them to, but they have questioned me thanks to others not being so considerate when it comes to sharing their opinions. So, we have been talking more and I decided to go ahead and put some of my reasoning for my own decision to paper tonight as I sit here listening to the Democratic National Convention.

Being that I am raising daughters I am passionate about women’s issues, I believe in our right to control our own healthcare. I support Planned Parenthood, not because I believe in abortion as a form of birth control, but because I was once a scared teen in need of birth control. My sister found out at Planned Parenthood that she had an STD. Later, when she was pregnant, just knowing that bit of information helped when she did go to an OBGYN as it was not something typically tested for but that could have potentially harmed her child.

As a single mother, I have long prayed for healthcare reform. I am currently paying more each month for my premium than I paid in rent for my previous home. It is twice what I pay for my car payment. And that is the least expensive option that my small business employer has available. In 2014, thanks to Obama’s healthcare plan, we will have options available that will allow me to hopefully lower my out of pocket and pick a plan that is catered to my family’s needs.

I want fair pay. I want fair pay for myself. Equal job; equal pay. Why doesn’t that make sense? In 2012, I can hardly believe that this is still an issue, but it is. I want fair pay in the future for my children. I want them to go to college and I want there to be financial aid to assist when I am not able.

I do not receive any public assistance. I will always try to do my best for myself, and I hope that I never need assistance, but life happens. It would be easy for anyone to slip into poverty. I believe we should help those in need.

I believed long before I realized that I was a Democrat that individuals should have equal rights regardless of their sexual orientation. To me, there was never a question. I remember arguing in high school with a boy over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Now, I am the proud sister of a homosexual. I am the proud aunt of a homosexual. I want them to be able to have their relationships when they want to marry be acknowledged by our government.

For me, there is no question on who I want in office for the next four years. I want someone that is working for me. Someone that understands what is important to me and my family. That is why I am voting for Obama, again.


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