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What She Really Wants For Christmas

Lately, all of my thoughts have been focused on Christmas and getting the perfect gifts for those around me.  Apparently, I tend to be hard to shop for, or at least so I am told.  I figure that I cannot be the only woman out there that is hard to shop for, so I decided to compile what will hopefully be a top ten items that you can get me, or the woman in your life, without dire consequences.

  1. Spa Packages.  Love this.  What girl doesn’t like a little pampering?  And really, if I have to cut corners somewhere, it is off things like this for me.  You cannot go wrong, especially if you know my favorite places.  *Helpful hint-if you don’t know, talk to the kids, friends, or sister.  Someone knows where she likes to go.
  2. Concert Tickets.  It is a splurge.  It is a date.  It is a gift for you both.  Score!
  3. A weekend getaway.  This can get pricey, but doesn’t have to be.  Is there a place she would love to go and stay for a weekend?  This can be a great option, with or without, the kids.  Depending on when you chose to go, you can find some great deals online.
  4. Restaurant Gift Certificates.  Honestly, not my first choice unless it is for a date night out.  But hey, if it keeps her from cooking dinner.
  5. Clothing Store Gift Certificates.  Okay, here is where I get a little weird.  Do not get me a Visa card or that dumb shit.  Sorry, but I want to know that you at least pay a little attention to what I like and where I go.  Visa is the easy way out.  Put a little effort in it.
  6. Club Packages/Memberships.  This can be a little funky, but I wanted to leave it broad.  Look into getting her a package with a trainer (only if she is into it, or it can be really bad) or getting her a punch card to her favorite yoga center or zumba studio.  She will feel great and you will look even better in her eyes.
  7. Add to her collection.  Look around.  Does she collect Willow Tree figurines?  Does she have an affection for old records?  Finding something that compliments an existing collection is always a great option.
  8. Jewelry.  Honestly, this is not my first choice.  Unless you know her taste, it is better to stay away from jewelry or enlist the help of a close friend or sister to pick out the perfect piece.  But, if you are determined to go the jewelry route, look into pieces which play into her role as a mother like mother/child pendants or birthstone rings (for older ladies).  Charm bracelets are another great option with the old school option still being available and Pandora making a great, visually appealing product.
  9. Smell Goods.  Always a safe bet.  Especially for those on a budget and lack of imagination.  Bath and Body has something for every person out there.  Look in her bathroom to get an idea of what scents she uses and then try to get something that will compliment.  Ask the salesperson for help.  That is what they are there for.  If Bath and Body scares the pants off you, look for things to make the house smell good.  Almost everyone carries Yankee Candles or something similar and you can do a lot of more creative gifting with warmers, candle toppers, and other decorative pieces.
  10. Electronics.  Not always my first choice, but there are a lot of great products out there.  If your girl is a reader, look into a Kindle or a Nook.  If she is a social networking diva, maybe now is the time to upgrade her phone.

I thought I was done, but I asked my work buddy for input and here are a few more ideas…

  • DVD or Blue Ray Series.  Make sure she has one first, but this could be great for the MASH fan, SOA lover, Fraggle Rock freak, you get the picture.
  • Amazon Gift Cards.  Honestly, this is another one that was not my first choice because it is kind of like Visa, but they do have tons of options.  One great option, which is why I am including it, is she could get the prime membership which allows her to read books and watch movies for free.
  • Empty Journal Books.  Maybe not every female loves these, but even my tween asked for a journal this year.  I use them for everything!  And the nicer they are, the more I adore them.

Of course, these are just a few ideas.  Really there are tons of fabulous gifts out there that she would be delighted to receive.  Just put a little thought into the person receiving and you will do fine.  If you have any other great gift ideas to share, please feel free.  I am sure someone would love to have some ideas come their way!


Under The Weather

If you follow my Twitter posts, you know that I feel like crap today.  I am not a happy sick person, not that I believe anyone can be.

I made it through the day at work.  Go me!  I did, however, have two of my male coworkers ask me what was wrong with me.  I guess I was not my usual perky, wonderful self.

Normally, getting home means my second job, my difficult job begins.  This is hell when under the weather.  But today, it was actually not that bad thanks to my kids.

My teen started dinner.  Somewhere, angels were singing.  I suggested potato soup when we spoke after she got home from school.  She peeled the potatoes, defrosted the ham, chopped the veggies, and started the water.  She was actually irritated when I came in to finish rather than just telling her what to do next.

After dinner, the kids started homework which gave me the opportunity to lay down for a minute which turned into two hours.  They let me sleep!  Once they finished their work, they found ways to amuse themselves without killing each other.  They also did the few chores that I requested without making me beg, plea, or scream my head off.

I still feel like poo, but I am pretty proud of my kids. I am regardless, but tonight especially.  They are really turning into fabulous young adults.  They will never know how much I appreciate the little things like the break they gave me tonight.


Crafty Gift Ideas-Infinity Scarves

In honor of the holiday season starting, I thought now was the perfect time to put up a post on some of the gifts I am making this year.  Some, like today’s post, I am making on my own.  Others, my kids are able to help with.

Now, I am not a very creative person and I do not consider myself very crafty.  In fact, I am jealous of all of you out there that are; because frankly, you make me look like poo.  But, nonetheless, I have a huge gift list and limited funds.  Plus, I like the thought of giving something a little different.

This year, for a few of the women on my list, I have made infinity scarves.  These are very cute and stylish, plus they are very easy to make using a simple loom you can buy at your local craft store or even the dreaded Wal-Mart.  Any yarn will do; just choose what they will like and get started.  It takes a little while to get started but there are basic directions that come with the loom and tons of tutorials available online.  If I am in the zone, I can finish one in two to three days and that is just working on it in front of the television during my downtime. Below is a picture of one of my finished projects.  You can make them longer than the one pictured so that they can be looped over the neck.

Infinty Scarf


He Is Moving On

Once upon a time, I was a wanted woman.  Of course that was a long, long time ago.

I guess we all have that one person that thinks we are beautiful.  Mine was Will.  We went to school together.  We worked together.  He loved me and I was oblivious.  Until I wasn’t.  Then, I was repulsed.

Will was not what I had in mind as a potential boyfriend.  He was my age.  He was not terribly popular.  He was a little overweight.  He tended to talk too much.  He was not one of the popular jocks that I had in mind back then.  He asked me out, but I declined and avoided him from that point on.  Smooth, I know.

Years later, we met up again.  Honestly, again, I was too dense to see he was interested in more.  Luckily, he was willing to forego a relationship in return for friendship.  We were well suited for being friends, actually great friends.  He became a regular fixture in my life and my household.

Then our relationship changed.  I met my current spouse and he started to back away.  Soon after he started a relationship of his own.  The distance continued to grow.  Now, we stay in touch simply via Facebook.  While we don’t speak regularly, I always knew that we could have that friendship rekindle as it had in the past, picking up as if time had never passed.  And, of course, I assumed he would always want me.

Today Will let the world know that he had become engaged.  I am very happy for my friend; honestly, I am.  But at the same time, I am a little sad.  Now, he has moved on.  We will never be the same.  He was one of the few people I knew loved me for me and that found me beautiful.


Friends? With A Boy!?

My tween, Jeanette, has a long time friend that is a boy.  Yes, a boy.  Stop the presses!  Apparently, this is a big deal and something that warrants being picked on constantly.

Over the past two years as they have become better friends, Jeanette has suffered at the hands of her sister, our family members, and even other kids in their classes just because they are the opposite sex.  Honestly, I think a lot of the ridicule is done just to provoke a response as Jeanette tends to be a bit dramatic.

Personally, I think her friend, Carlos, is a very cute little boy.  His mother dresses him well.  He has a smile that is contagious and uses proper manners.  I do not mind her having this little boy as a friend and actually encourage my daughter to continue her friendship despite the attention it draws.

Given their relationship, it no longer fazes me when I am ditched at school functions.  I am growing accustomed to my cell phone being used behind closed doors as the two of them plot what they will be doing at recess the next day.  So, it did not surprise me when we went to a sporting event and Jeanette was looking for Carlos.

Ten minutes into the game, there he was.  He had been looking for her as well.  I allowed Jeanette to wander around the stands with Carlos while we watched the game.

Jeanette started off down the bleachers, Carlos followed.  They went for concessions, he shared his Skittles.  She was all smiles.  They talked to other kids.  They acted crazy like 10/11 year olds do.  Every time I saw them, Jeanette was in the lead.  Later, she appeared with hot chocolate; her friend had bought her the drink.  That is big stuff for tweens with little to no money.

My mother, who was attending the event was very tickled by the young couple.  I had not noticed before, but my daughter was definitely in her element.  My mom commented how cute they were and funny they were as a couple.   Nothing negative, it just amused her to see them interact.  Personally, I think we all need a friend like Carlos.

We all need a friend that makes us smile.  That calls for no reason.  That is willing to let us take the lead.  Someone that will give a little extra for their friend.  Boy or girl.  I am thrilled that they found each other.  I may change my view later on when they discover boys/girls, but for now they are friends and I could not be happier.


Dieting with the DISC

Dieting with the DISC

I have never been a huge supporter of personality tests, but my employer likes them and way back when I started with the company, I was required to take one.  It is supposed to help them to cater their management to my specific needs.  Like I said, I never thought too much about it although it was right on with a lot of what I need not only in work, but in life.

So I was thinking about my weight loss journey and how it might apply.  On the DISC test I am a DI.  I went to their site to get a better understanding of what the letters meant,, below are some of the highlights for my results:

A person with a D style:

  • Is motivated by winning, competition and success.
  • Prioritizes accepting challenge, taking action and achieving immediate results.
  • Is described as direct, demanding, forceful, strong willed, driven, and determined, fast-paced, and self-confident.
  • May be limited by lack of concern for others, impatience and open skepticism.
  • May fear being seen as vulnerable or being taken advantage of.
  • Values competency, action, concrete results, personal freedom, challenges.


  • Unique accomplishments
  • New opportunities
  • Control of audience
  • Independence

Needs others who:

  • Weigh pros and cons
  • Calculates risks
  • Use caution
  • Research facts
  • Deliberate before deciding
  • Recognize the needs of others

A person with a I style:

  • Is motivated by social recognition, group activities, and relationships
  • Prioritizes taking action, collaboration, and expressing enthusiasm
  • Is described as convincing, magnetic, enthusiastic, warm, trusting and optimistic
  • May be limited by being impulsive and disorganized and having lack of follow-through.
  • May fear loss of influence, disapproval and being ignored
  • Values coaching and counseling, freedom of expression and democratic relationships


  • Victory with flair
  • Friendship and happiness
  • Authority and prestige status symbols
  • Popularity

Needs others who:

  • Concentrate on the task
  • Seek facts
  • Speak directly
  • Develop systematic approaches
  • Prefer to deal with things instead of people
  • Take a logical approach
  • Demonstrate follow-through

What does this really mean?  Well, I am a control freak that loves attention.  I need constant reinforcement to stay motivated and others around me to keep me on task which is partially why I decided to blog my journey.  Your feedback will motivate me.  Knowing someone is interested in an update on how I am doing will give me structure.

So, to anyone reading that is looking to have a weight loss buddy, feel free to follow me on the journey.  I cannot promise the most direct route to my destination, but I promise it will be an interesting ride.


Weighing My Options

I have struggled with my weight for years.  Since childhood really, but over the past two years I have really put forth effort to lose.  I have had some success, but more setbacks.  I am determined to be successful.  I may never be a size 6, but I should be able to be comfortable and happy in my own skin. In my quest, I decided to explore bypass surgery as an option.  I was actually quite excited about the prospect.  Unfortunately, things did not work out for me.  I wrote this to my BFF earlier today and when I thought about writing a blog thought it was fitting just to tell it like I told her….

So, I went for my informational meeting to get started on the process for bypass.  Total waste of my time.  My insurance won’t cover the surgery.  I actually found out before attending, but thought there might be a way.  There is…I can give them $25k up front and finance the rest.

What got me about the room was that I was apparently the only person that had taken the time to educate myself on the options.  It was astonishing.  The room was filled with morons.  Some were dirty.  Some were toothless.  One did not have on a bra.  No joke.  And they will probably get the surgery because their benefits are better.  I was very discouraged.  Then, I decided to research my options.

Apparently they are as follows:

1. I raise the $25k

2. I get a job with a larger organization.  The guy I talked to from Carillion said, and I quote, “Small businesses are the devil.”

3. Marry a man with good benefits.

Needless to say, I am screwed.  I am continuing to diet and exercise because that has done so well for me this far.

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