Single Mothering and the Card

Maybe I am overly sensitive being that I am a single mother.  But I have never been one to play the Single Mother Card.  I come to work every day.  I go above and beyond for my family.  I have done so for years.  I do it because it is the right thing to do.

It kills me to hear someone throw out that they are a single mother to get what they want.  I do not want special treatment because of my situation.  I do not look for sympathy.  I do not need charity.  I do not ask for a pat on the back for taking care of my children.

Yes, it is hard being a single parent.  Hell, it is hard being a parent period.  Regardless of my marital status, I will always make sure that my children are well taken care of.  That is the way every parent should be.  End of discussion.


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