Weighing My Options

I have struggled with my weight for years.  Since childhood really, but over the past two years I have really put forth effort to lose.  I have had some success, but more setbacks.  I am determined to be successful.  I may never be a size 6, but I should be able to be comfortable and happy in my own skin. In my quest, I decided to explore bypass surgery as an option.  I was actually quite excited about the prospect.  Unfortunately, things did not work out for me.  I wrote this to my BFF earlier today and when I thought about writing a blog thought it was fitting just to tell it like I told her….

So, I went for my informational meeting to get started on the process for bypass.  Total waste of my time.  My insurance won’t cover the surgery.  I actually found out before attending, but thought there might be a way.  There is…I can give them $25k up front and finance the rest.

What got me about the room was that I was apparently the only person that had taken the time to educate myself on the options.  It was astonishing.  The room was filled with morons.  Some were dirty.  Some were toothless.  One did not have on a bra.  No joke.  And they will probably get the surgery because their benefits are better.  I was very discouraged.  Then, I decided to research my options.

Apparently they are as follows:

1. I raise the $25k

2. I get a job with a larger organization.  The guy I talked to from Carillion said, and I quote, “Small businesses are the devil.”

3. Marry a man with good benefits.

Needless to say, I am screwed.  I am continuing to diet and exercise because that has done so well for me this far.


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