Dieting with the DISC

Dieting with the DISC

I have never been a huge supporter of personality tests, but my employer likes them and way back when I started with the company, I was required to take one.  It is supposed to help them to cater their management to my specific needs.  Like I said, I never thought too much about it although it was right on with a lot of what I need not only in work, but in life.

So I was thinking about my weight loss journey and how it might apply.  On the DISC test I am a DI.  I went to their site to get a better understanding of what the letters meant, http://www.discprofile.com, below are some of the highlights for my results:

A person with a D style:

  • Is motivated by winning, competition and success.
  • Prioritizes accepting challenge, taking action and achieving immediate results.
  • Is described as direct, demanding, forceful, strong willed, driven, and determined, fast-paced, and self-confident.
  • May be limited by lack of concern for others, impatience and open skepticism.
  • May fear being seen as vulnerable or being taken advantage of.
  • Values competency, action, concrete results, personal freedom, challenges.


  • Unique accomplishments
  • New opportunities
  • Control of audience
  • Independence

Needs others who:

  • Weigh pros and cons
  • Calculates risks
  • Use caution
  • Research facts
  • Deliberate before deciding
  • Recognize the needs of others

A person with a I style:

  • Is motivated by social recognition, group activities, and relationships
  • Prioritizes taking action, collaboration, and expressing enthusiasm
  • Is described as convincing, magnetic, enthusiastic, warm, trusting and optimistic
  • May be limited by being impulsive and disorganized and having lack of follow-through.
  • May fear loss of influence, disapproval and being ignored
  • Values coaching and counseling, freedom of expression and democratic relationships


  • Victory with flair
  • Friendship and happiness
  • Authority and prestige status symbols
  • Popularity

Needs others who:

  • Concentrate on the task
  • Seek facts
  • Speak directly
  • Develop systematic approaches
  • Prefer to deal with things instead of people
  • Take a logical approach
  • Demonstrate follow-through

What does this really mean?  Well, I am a control freak that loves attention.  I need constant reinforcement to stay motivated and others around me to keep me on task which is partially why I decided to blog my journey.  Your feedback will motivate me.  Knowing someone is interested in an update on how I am doing will give me structure.

So, to anyone reading that is looking to have a weight loss buddy, feel free to follow me on the journey.  I cannot promise the most direct route to my destination, but I promise it will be an interesting ride.


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