Friends? With A Boy!?

My tween, Jeanette, has a long time friend that is a boy.  Yes, a boy.  Stop the presses!  Apparently, this is a big deal and something that warrants being picked on constantly.

Over the past two years as they have become better friends, Jeanette has suffered at the hands of her sister, our family members, and even other kids in their classes just because they are the opposite sex.  Honestly, I think a lot of the ridicule is done just to provoke a response as Jeanette tends to be a bit dramatic.

Personally, I think her friend, Carlos, is a very cute little boy.  His mother dresses him well.  He has a smile that is contagious and uses proper manners.  I do not mind her having this little boy as a friend and actually encourage my daughter to continue her friendship despite the attention it draws.

Given their relationship, it no longer fazes me when I am ditched at school functions.  I am growing accustomed to my cell phone being used behind closed doors as the two of them plot what they will be doing at recess the next day.  So, it did not surprise me when we went to a sporting event and Jeanette was looking for Carlos.

Ten minutes into the game, there he was.  He had been looking for her as well.  I allowed Jeanette to wander around the stands with Carlos while we watched the game.

Jeanette started off down the bleachers, Carlos followed.  They went for concessions, he shared his Skittles.  She was all smiles.  They talked to other kids.  They acted crazy like 10/11 year olds do.  Every time I saw them, Jeanette was in the lead.  Later, she appeared with hot chocolate; her friend had bought her the drink.  That is big stuff for tweens with little to no money.

My mother, who was attending the event was very tickled by the young couple.  I had not noticed before, but my daughter was definitely in her element.  My mom commented how cute they were and funny they were as a couple.   Nothing negative, it just amused her to see them interact.  Personally, I think we all need a friend like Carlos.

We all need a friend that makes us smile.  That calls for no reason.  That is willing to let us take the lead.  Someone that will give a little extra for their friend.  Boy or girl.  I am thrilled that they found each other.  I may change my view later on when they discover boys/girls, but for now they are friends and I could not be happier.


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