Crafty Gift Ideas-Infinity Scarves

In honor of the holiday season starting, I thought now was the perfect time to put up a post on some of the gifts I am making this year.  Some, like today’s post, I am making on my own.  Others, my kids are able to help with.

Now, I am not a very creative person and I do not consider myself very crafty.  In fact, I am jealous of all of you out there that are; because frankly, you make me look like poo.  But, nonetheless, I have a huge gift list and limited funds.  Plus, I like the thought of giving something a little different.

This year, for a few of the women on my list, I have made infinity scarves.  These are very cute and stylish, plus they are very easy to make using a simple loom you can buy at your local craft store or even the dreaded Wal-Mart.  Any yarn will do; just choose what they will like and get started.  It takes a little while to get started but there are basic directions that come with the loom and tons of tutorials available online.  If I am in the zone, I can finish one in two to three days and that is just working on it in front of the television during my downtime. Below is a picture of one of my finished projects.  You can make them longer than the one pictured so that they can be looped over the neck.

Infinty Scarf


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