What She Really Wants For Christmas

Lately, all of my thoughts have been focused on Christmas and getting the perfect gifts for those around me.  Apparently, I tend to be hard to shop for, or at least so I am told.  I figure that I cannot be the only woman out there that is hard to shop for, so I decided to compile what will hopefully be a top ten items that you can get me, or the woman in your life, without dire consequences.

  1. Spa Packages.  Love this.  What girl doesn’t like a little pampering?  And really, if I have to cut corners somewhere, it is off things like this for me.  You cannot go wrong, especially if you know my favorite places.  *Helpful hint-if you don’t know, talk to the kids, friends, or sister.  Someone knows where she likes to go.
  2. Concert Tickets.  It is a splurge.  It is a date.  It is a gift for you both.  Score!
  3. A weekend getaway.  This can get pricey, but doesn’t have to be.  Is there a place she would love to go and stay for a weekend?  This can be a great option, with or without, the kids.  Depending on when you chose to go, you can find some great deals online.
  4. Restaurant Gift Certificates.  Honestly, not my first choice unless it is for a date night out.  But hey, if it keeps her from cooking dinner.
  5. Clothing Store Gift Certificates.  Okay, here is where I get a little weird.  Do not get me a Visa card or that dumb shit.  Sorry, but I want to know that you at least pay a little attention to what I like and where I go.  Visa is the easy way out.  Put a little effort in it.
  6. Club Packages/Memberships.  This can be a little funky, but I wanted to leave it broad.  Look into getting her a package with a trainer (only if she is into it, or it can be really bad) or getting her a punch card to her favorite yoga center or zumba studio.  She will feel great and you will look even better in her eyes.
  7. Add to her collection.  Look around.  Does she collect Willow Tree figurines?  Does she have an affection for old records?  Finding something that compliments an existing collection is always a great option.
  8. Jewelry.  Honestly, this is not my first choice.  Unless you know her taste, it is better to stay away from jewelry or enlist the help of a close friend or sister to pick out the perfect piece.  But, if you are determined to go the jewelry route, look into pieces which play into her role as a mother like mother/child pendants or birthstone rings (for older ladies).  Charm bracelets are another great option with the old school option still being available and Pandora making a great, visually appealing product.
  9. Smell Goods.  Always a safe bet.  Especially for those on a budget and lack of imagination.  Bath and Body has something for every person out there.  Look in her bathroom to get an idea of what scents she uses and then try to get something that will compliment.  Ask the salesperson for help.  That is what they are there for.  If Bath and Body scares the pants off you, look for things to make the house smell good.  Almost everyone carries Yankee Candles or something similar and you can do a lot of more creative gifting with warmers, candle toppers, and other decorative pieces.
  10. Electronics.  Not always my first choice, but there are a lot of great products out there.  If your girl is a reader, look into a Kindle or a Nook.  If she is a social networking diva, maybe now is the time to upgrade her phone.

I thought I was done, but I asked my work buddy for input and here are a few more ideas…

  • DVD or Blue Ray Series.  Make sure she has one first, but this could be great for the MASH fan, SOA lover, Fraggle Rock freak, you get the picture.
  • Amazon Gift Cards.  Honestly, this is another one that was not my first choice because it is kind of like Visa, but they do have tons of options.  One great option, which is why I am including it, is she could get the prime membership which allows her to read books and watch movies for free.
  • Empty Journal Books.  Maybe not every female loves these, but even my tween asked for a journal this year.  I use them for everything!  And the nicer they are, the more I adore them.

Of course, these are just a few ideas.  Really there are tons of fabulous gifts out there that she would be delighted to receive.  Just put a little thought into the person receiving and you will do fine.  If you have any other great gift ideas to share, please feel free.  I am sure someone would love to have some ideas come their way!


2 Responses to “What She Really Wants For Christmas”

  1. 1 sortaginger
    November 30, 2012 at 2:16 am

    My issue with Visa or even Target gift cards is that it is too easy for me to end up using it to buy toothpaste and cat litter. Happy holidays? Not that I’m not grateful of course but maybe not the intent of the gift. Give me Sephora, Ulta, Amazon or iTunes anyday.

  2. November 30, 2012 at 2:30 am

    I agree completely! It is too easy for me to end up with household items are stuff for the kids with Visa or Target. Get something that will be used by the recipient exclusively. 🙂

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