Gift Crafty-Applesauce Cinnamon Ornaments

20121129_011431This is a perfect project to do with your kids, but a lot of fun to do on your own as well.  I would recommend doing them yourself, if you want gift worthy results.  Not that I am so anal as not to give out the less than perfect ones….

So I actually posted about this on my twitter feed a while back, but did not really have an example nor had I really considered using this as a blog, but I figure it is worth sharing-especially now that I have had positive results.

Here is what you need:  Equal parts apple sauce and cinnamon.  I have used three cups of each in my last couple of batches.  Now, the cinnamon can get especially expensive, but I was able to find some for my last batch at the dollar tree.  It was more than twice as much at Wal-Mart.

Here is what you do:

  1. Mix the applesauce and cinnamon together in a large bowl to form a dough.
  2. Roll out the dough to ¼ to ½ an inch.
  3. Use cookie cutters to make desired shapes and create a hole in the shape for future hanging. *I have found the more simple the shape, the better it holds up.
  4. Place shape onto a metal cookie sheet or board covered in wax paper to allow to dry

Now, here is the sucky part.  The dough takes forever to dry.  If you are like me and have little to no patience, I would recommend doing what I did and placing the cookie sheet in the oven.  I set mine to 200 degrees and left them for an hour or so just to encourage drying.  I still had to wait a day or so before stringing, but it did cut the drying time drastically.

Once the shape is completely dry, remove from the sheet.  You can carefully pick off any excess dough around the outside of the shape to neaten its appearance.  Then finish off the ornament using the string or ribbon of your choice.  I have used a hemp twine for those that I am giving as gifts since they are more neutral and used a red ribbon on the ones I am keeping as it coordinates well with my holiday décor.

These smell fabulous and should keep for years to come.  If in the future they begin to lose their scent, you can simply scratch the surface to release more of the scent.

A few ideas:  This is a great party favor for your holiday gathering.  A set would be very cute for a new home owner starting their first Christmas tree.  They are cute tie-ons for gift bags.  I will be giving them as part of my kids’ teacher’s gifts; they will be attached to handmade crocheted dish cloths.  I will post about the dish cloths in a separate post soon.

So, there you go.  Applesauce ornaments are a cute weekend project with unlimited gifting ideas.  I believe this will become one of my go to holiday projects and hope you enjoy it as well.


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