The Turkey Won

Dieting in November sucks.  I really should have known not to expect a lot and I truly did not. I have been watching what I eat and trying to exercise for months now, but finally got the doctor to assist me in November by putting me back on a low dose of Phentermine.

November was a crappy month.  I had the disappointment of being told I could not do the bypass.  We had illness sweep through my family just short of reaching plague levels…my spouse, my kids, my sitter, and I all had varying illnesses.  I was able to exercise very little.  My enthusiasm plummeted.  Then came the turkey; not one Thanksgiving dinner, but two dinners later, I just threw in the towel.  The turkey, the fixings, the deserts, they all won; my willpower caved.

Now, November was not a total loss.  I did lose 2 lbs.

I was not terribly impressed.  Neither was my doc.  She doubled my dosage of the Phentermine and told me that I need to work out five times a week.  She will see me again in three months.

Now I need to regroup and refocus.  It is time to start taking the meds again as directed.  More importantly, I need to find a way to work five workouts per week into my schedule.


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