Life With A Hunter

At the beginning of each fall, it begins.  Every conversation turns to hunting.  It starts out being about guns or bows.  As the season creeps closer, they become more frequent.  Does he have the clothes? Will he need more ammo? Who will he hunt with? When can he hunt?  What will the weather be?  Hunting, hunting, hunting. Argh.

I do understand hunting as the means to getting food and on occasion we do; we have venison in our freezer currently.  But it seems to me that the amount of effort that goes into the sport really does not give a good return on investment.

Just this morning, he was up at 4am to hunt with a friend.  He returned home empty handed.  He did, however, have a great story about a friend shooting off the head of a squirrel.  Let me tell you, I was awful impressed with that tidbit (I hope you can sense my intense sarcasm).

There are a few perks to being in a relationship with a hunter. Some trips do bring home meat which saves us money on groceries.  He generally keeps his mouth shut about my purchases seeing as he will gladly spend an insane amount on hunting gear. And, I have three to four months a year where my weekends are my own, at least in good weather.

Like I said before, I really don’t get the appeal for hunting.  But I figure, we are probably even.  He has put up with ridiculously long shopping trips, crafting projects taking over the house, and lots of fun nights with my girlfriends. I guess I can deal with a few headless squirrel stories, at least for a couple more months.


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