The Disaster Area


It is not for lack of trying that my house stays a disaster area. Really, I do try to keep it clean. What kills me are some of the messes that are left by my family; really, some of my biggest peevesare just due to lack of common sense. This morning, I started to reflect on some of those and thought I would share in case anyone out there feels my pain. Honestly, some of these are from last week and some from weeks past, but still, they happened nonetheless.

Common sense things that I should not have to say….
1. “Get your dirty underwear out of the dining room floor.” Unfortunately, this is a normal statement these days. The dog has an affection for them. Apparently, I am the only one in the house that does not like having their undies out for the world to see.
2. “Do not put your used chewing gum on the dining room table.” The trashcan is less than ten feet away. Why this is a problem for the teen, I will never understand.
3. “If you finish the toilet paper, put another roll out for the next person.” And another that goes along with this is, “If you take a roll to remove your polish, return it.” The screams for another roll can be heard down the street some days.
4. “Gas cans do not belong on the dining room table.” Seriously. We eat there. WTH?


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