Half Way Through December

So, we are officially over half way through the month of December. Time is flying by as we get closer to the Christmas holiday and New Year’s.
I am starting my blog this dreary, cold Monday morning from home.

Today was supposed to be a fun day. Our company has its annual Christmas lunch at a local restaurant and then the boss lets us take off for the rest of the day which I had planned to use to finish Christmas shopping kid free. Unfortunately, my teen has caught the crud that has been plaguing our house. Yes, there might be another doctor’s visit in our near future which will bring us up to a whopping five so far for the month. At this rate, I will be paying more for doctor’s bills that Christmas. I was back at the doctor’s office last week myself for the third time this month, but, on the plus side, I did find out that I had lost a whopping three pounds!

The really crappy thing about the teen being sick is she has been practicing to try out for the school play. Try outs are today and tomorrow. They require them be present for both days. Honestly, I am not sure that the teen is not a little happy to be missing since it means she does not have to face rejection if she was not selected. Personally, I hate it since she has been practicing for so long and has nailed her Annie monologue.
Last week we had the first of two Christmas programs. The teen had her holiday band performance which was fabulous. This week the tween has her music program. I am a little disappointed that it is not going to showcase her instrumental work, but apparently we will see that later on in the year.

Our weekend was pretty uneventful. The teen went to hang out with a friend Saturday while the tween and I did some shopping. Larry had his son, so they did manly stuff while we were gone. We celebrated his son’s birthday at home Saturday night, at his request. Sunday, we stayed home mainly due to the teen being sick, but also because I had no desire to get out into the world.

Looking ahead for the next few days….this week should not be too bad. My guess is work will be getting increasingly slow with businesses preparing for the holidays. As I mentioned before, we have one more holiday program to attend. The kids have an early dismissal Thursday which means I will probably be working from home again later this week. They are also off on Friday, but I am hoping they are both healthy enough to spend the day with my mom or grandma so that I can go into work. Larry is picking up his son and heading out of town Friday to spend the weekend with his family. I prefer not to travel so close to Christmas and I am looking forward to a low key weekend with my kids.


2 Responses to “Half Way Through December”

  1. December 17, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    What a bummer that the teen wont be able to try out!

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