Feeling Poorly Before Winter Break

Today, I returned to work after being home yesterday with my teen. My tween had a cough and a headache, but went to school anyways. She is always a trooper. Unfortunately, the teacher noticed she was feeling poorly. The nurse called me an hour after dropping her off. I was instructed to keep her home tomorrow and that she may return on Thursday if she is fever free without the assistance of medication. She also suggested that I take her to the doctor since she was expressing flu-like symptoms.

I am, for the most part, ready for the holidays. My tween that came home today is not. Tomorrow is her school’s Christmas program. She has a party with her class Thursday. She has yet to take her teachers and friends the gifts we have prepared. Her science class was planning a big, fun experiment and she has benchmark testing this week. Illness could not have struck her at a more inconvenient time.

My daughter sobbed all the way home about the things she would be missing this week. I stopped at the store on the way home and picked up some over the counter meds. She has no desire to go to the doctor, nor do I want to take her this early on. She is now medicated and resting. If we can get her illness under control and she is not running a fever in the morning, I will ask a family member to keep her while I go back to work. Hopefully, she will be feeling better in time for her performance tomorrow and to return to class for her party on Thursday. Otherwise, I hate to think about how unhappy my tween will be missing out on all of the fun that is planned for the last day before winter break.


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