The Cookies Crumbled

This week did not start out pretty. If you have read my other posts this week, you know that my house has been cursed with the crud that is going around. On top of the crud, I have had to attend my company’s Christmas luncheon, I have had kids home sick, tried to work from home, and, of course, balance the household duties. So, yesterday afternoon when I was reminded by Larry that I had agreed to make cookies for the pot luck at his work, you could say I was less than pleased.

Really, making the cookies is not difficult. He had volunteered for No Bake Cookies which I can normally whip up with no problem. At least normally they are not difficult and there is no problem.

The teen volunteered to help and we started our endeavor after dinner. The tween had retired to her room to rest still feeling poorly. I started plopping the ingredients into the pot being careful to stir constantly to prevent sticking. I was barking out ingredients to my daughter who stood just a few feet away digging in the refrigerator. The mixture began to boil and I noticed it had a strange consistency, but assumed it was nothing. We continued on our way. Eventually we added the oats only to find that the usually muddy textured mixture was dry and crumbling. I had to throw the mixture away and start over, but not before my daughter, laughing, snapped a couple of pictures to showcase my endeavor for Facebook.

We started again, this time being more careful as the mixture began to boil. Again it was looking odd, especially when we added the oats. This time, my wise daughter asked, “Did we add the milk?” Then it hit me. That was what we forgot in the first batch. By the time she asked, it was too late to boil the milk with the other ingredients, so I just threw a cup of milk in on top of the oats and sandy mixture. Luckily, this did bring the mixture to the right consistency and we were able to make cookies.

Our third batch was perfect. I put the milk in first thing as to not forget.

When you make the cookies, you really don’t know how they will turn out until they have had a chance to set up. We had two batches get to that point. The first being actually the second batch we attempted turned out darker and gooier. Still edible though. The second batch, actually our third, was a lighter brown and had the proper texture. It was cookie perfection, or as close as you get in our house.

Fifty plus cookies are now on their way to the pot luck. I told Larry of the mishap and suggested that he and his friends try to claim the lighter brown cookies first. Let the employees he doesn’t care for have the crappy cookies. I cannot wait to hear the reviews later on tonight.


1 Response to “The Cookies Crumbled”

  1. December 20, 2012 at 4:32 am

    Lol, oh the joys of cookie making!

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