Reaching for the Stars

“Buddha says ‘A child without courage is like a night without stars!’”, Punjab, Annie the Movie.

After much worry and a few tears earlier this week, things worked out and my teen was able to get a part in her school’s musical.  Initially, we were worried that, despite her practicing for weeks, she would not be allowed to try out because she missed the first day of the auditions due to being sick.  She was only somewhat disappointed when she thought she would not be able to try out which I attributed to fear of failure.

Much to our surprise, the school was much more lenient that they had initially planned to be.  My guess is that the auditions did not produce the number of candidates that they had hoped for.  Regardless of why, my teen was pulled out of a class on Tuesday and given the opportunity to perform her monologue and song for the vice principal; afterwards, she was worried having no idea how she had done.  I was thrilled she was able to try out; no matter how she did, I do not want her to ever quit trying to do the things she desires.  I was simply glad she had the opportunity to try out and to showcase the hours she spent practicing.

Wednesday passed with no decisions being made regarding the cast.  Winter break edged closer and I worried they would not make the announcements until next year which, to me, seemed a bit cruel and unusual.  Then, yesterday, I received a text from my daughter, “I’m in Annie!  I am Drake and Duffy.”  Of course I was thrilled.  She then instructed me to tell the world on my Facebook page and to make sure that I tagged her in my post; I was already a step ahead of her.

I had to Google the parts to find out exactly who my daughter was playing; it has been a while since I sat through the movie.  She has two very different parts.  She plays Duffy, the oldest orphan, and from what I can tell the more vocal, negative orphan; I am confident she can play this part with ease.  The other part should be interesting; she is the butler.  Honestly, I do not remember much of anything about this character, but my daughter being a servant is not really something that I can envision.

My daughter was on Cloud Nine the remainder of the day.  She went with a friend to a local cupcake shop after school to celebrate, called family members, and drove her little sister crazy talking about the upcoming performance.  I only hope she can keep her enthusiasm when the hard stuff starts.

Immediately following their break, the cast will begin practicing.  Practice is pretty serious.  They will work two afternoons per week until 5pm every week leading up to the show in April.  She is required to keep her grades up to participate and, of course, this is in addition to her other extracurricular activities.  Needless to say, the beginning of 2013 is shaping up to be interesting; I hope she is ready.


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