Mean Santa

photo credit: amy_b via photopin cc

photo credit: amy_b via photopin cc

If you have read any of my posts, you know that I have a teenager.  She is self-centered, sloppy, obsessed with her hair and nails, and she is very dramatic.  Pretty much, she is a normal teenager.  Honestly, she is a lot of fun when she is not driving us all crazy.  The best thing about her is that she can take a joke.  That is why I have decided to be a little mean to her this Christmas.

I guess I should start at the beginning and tell you all that this has been building up for a while.  A few months ago her cell phone started acting hinky.  It quit allowing her to send texts, take pictures, and would die for no reason at all.  A thirteen year old with cell phone trouble….I am sure you can all imagine the terror that ensued.

It was only magnified when I decided to upgrade my own phone.  She was with me at the time and learned her phone was due for an upgrade a few months later.  From that moment on, she has hounded me.  She has begged.  She has tried to make bets to win a new phone from me.  She has tried to bargain and barter.  She has wanted a smart phone.

Every month since she was due for an upgrade I have come up with a different excuse for why we should wait.  I wanted to see how her grades were.  I had unexpected bills to pay.  She did not take care of the one she had.  You name it; I used it to shoot her down.  Eventually, I wore her down and, even though it is on her Christmas list, she is not sure that she will be getting one as she believes she must wait due to her grades.  Which, given her recent issues in math, probably is not such a bad idea, but I will go ahead and extend a little trust.

I ordered the phone online earlier this week and prayed she would not be home when the package arrived.  Luckily she was not and I was able to hide the box safely away.  I have been contemplating how to give it to her ever since and this is what I am going to do.

After she is fast asleep Christmas Eve, I am going to snag her phone and activate her new one.  I will get an app and give it a fun ring tone.  Perhaps, Santa laughing?  I will put the old phone back once the new one is activated as to not raise suspicion.  Then, I will stash the new one until Christmas morning.  Under the tree, wrapped, will be the box for the new phone with a note that reads, “Gotcha!”  As she starts to freak out a little, I will call the cell phone and let her find it.

Once she does find it, she will be thrilled and proclaim that I am the best mom ever with tears of happiness streaming down her face as she hugs me tightly.  Yeah, I am a bit dramatic; see where she gets it from?

Needless to say, she should be very pleased and we should all get a good laugh on Christmas morning.  I can hardly wait!


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