Mapping Out Goals for 2013

Today is my last work day of 2012.  Really, this year has been challenging.  I am pretty glad to see it go and excited to start anew.  I have a feeling that today will be another slow day in the office and figured it was a good time to map out a few of my personal goals/initiatives for the upcoming year.  Not resolutions, mind you, but goals and initiatives.  I have mapped them out before with success, but last year faltered a bit on my follow through.  This year will be different.

  • Stop allowing people to bring me down.  I take other people’s actions personally and allow their actions and opinions to eat away at my soul.  It always seems to be few people and it is time for me to handle it better or remove them from my circles.
  • Get healthy.  Normally, I put lose weight and exercise more.  This one will probably have its own blog post in the next few days as I get started.  It is just too broad for me to succeed.  I need to narrow it to the point of being ridiculous and be held accountable.  I figure blogging my progress will help me to stay focused. (note to self-buy a new scale and tennis shoes)
  • Chisel out some me time.  I am always the first to put my needs on the back burner.  The kids always come first.  I do for my spouse, family, and friends.  There is not always a lot of time for me.  Last year, WB and I got pedis once a month during the summer.  It was the highlight of my year just to spend time with a friend and do something for myself.  I need more of that.
  • Do more with my kids.  This will be another blog post over the next few days.  I want their input on this.  Personally, I want to take a real vacation and get away for a few days.  I still want to do some weekend trips as well, but I want more of a vacation.
  • Get back into the habit of going to church.  I am by no means a holy roller, but I feel better about the world when I take time to thank our creator.  Plus, I think it is good for the kids and for us as a family.
  • Pay off my debt.  Really, I try to live within my means and, I believe, I do okay.  I do, however, have a car payment and two small credit cards.  I would LOVE to get them all taken care of and be able to put some money away.
  • Save for the kids.  This was probably my weakest point in 2012.  Normally, I try to open a CD each year for them and I failed this year.  It is my goal to do this first upon receiving my tax return as to not screw up again.
  • Work on my home.  I love home improvement projects and I have a long list of wishes.  I need to write down my wish list, prioritize, and then it will probably be a blog or ten.
  • Focus more on the job.  Considering this is the second blog I have wrote from my desk this week, this may be a bit of a challenge.  Luckily, I have established goals already in place for this one.  I just need to get my butt into gear.

So, I guess this is my starting point.  I have three days to reduce these points to the ridiculous and begin.  Hopefully, a few of you will share your own goals, resolutions, initiatives, and whatnot and we can work on making 2013 great together.


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