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A Quick Update

This week, I let some things slide blog wise and thought it was a good day to tie up a few loose ends/give a quick update while I should be working.

I totally missed my weigh in on Sunday which is why there was no diet update for this week.  I thought about doing it Monday, but was disgusted with what the scale told me Monday morning and decided to give it a week before I thought too much more on the issue.  I have done much better this week, so far.

Keeping with the positive vibe, I have rocked it this week.  We have managed to make it to all extracurricular activities on time and the tween has only been late to school once.  Sure, I was an hour late to work this morning, but considering how good I have been lately, I am okay with it.

I have big news!  I found the missing undies!  Yes!  This morning, I found them mixed in with my summer clothes.  No clue why they were there, but at least now I can quit driving myself crazy.

So, there you go; just s quick little update.  Hope your weekend is going smoothly as well!


journey of the ice cube


Now, normally, I am not one to start something, but Larry is constantly picking on me and it isn’t often that I have a good opportunity to get him back.  Tonight, I had that opportunity.  My house never has a full ice tray; I really don’t care for ice in my drinks, so it doesn’t faze me.  Larry, on the other hand, enjoys ice in his soda.  Tonight, after dinner, he was fixing a drink and I was standing by the fridge.  He asked if there was any ice and I retrieved a half used tray for him.

Then, I saw an opportunity.  Larry was facing the counter, with his back to me.  He was minding his own business when I took an ice cube and stuck it down the back of his shirt.  Giggling, I left the room in a hurry; I knew it was only a matter of time before he retaliated and he always gets me back worse than I ever get him.

Moments later, I was in the living room with Jeanette; I thought that there might be safety in numbers.  Larry came around the corner and was prepared to get me with the ice cube.  Larry tried to enlist Jeanette to help in holding my hands so that I could not fight while he put the cube in my pants, but she declined.  She is my good child (at least for tonight).  Her prize for being good…I told Larry to get her.  Moments later, the ice was down her pants.  Squeals ensued; Larry and I were laughing.

At this point, the house is full of chaos and Brittany had to come see what was up.  The ice cube had been fished out of Jeanette’s undies and was ready for yet another victim.  Larry and Jeanette teamed up and the ice cube went into her pants.  One put it in and she was quickly pushed back upon the couch where Jeanette sat on her lap to keep her from being able to fish the ice cube out.  More laughter and squeals erupted.

Larry went back into the kitchen to finish making his drink.  Brittany fished the quickly melting ice cube from her undies and the girls started plotting again.  The cube broke into two which allowed them both some ammunition.  They rounded the corner and found Larry waiting for them.  They then threw the ice cubes and parted ways.

Part of the remaining ice cube was placed to rest in our kitchen sink.  The other part went missing; I can only assume that our dogs found it the perfect opportunity to join in.  Eventually, we all went back to our normal evening routines and the house became quiet again-Brittany doing homework, Jeanette playing online, Larry watching TV, and I went back to cleaning.

I had to smile after everything died down.  I got Larry and the kids got gotten, too.  Funny how something so little can liven up a house; that little ice cube had quite the journey.


January Bargains

20130127_171531 (1)

Normally, I try not to shop a lot in January.  We don’t need a lot being right after the holidays.  This weekend, however, I had to shop; I was pleasantly surprised with the results that I had and thought I would share a bit.

First, on Saturday, my tween had to have new tennis shoes.  I had promised her that we would get some this weekend when it was just the two of us as her sister dominates the conversation anytime we enter a shoe store.  Originally, I planned to go to Rugged Warehouse and get some Nikes or Reeboks.  But we went into a Shoe Department first.  There we scored a pair of New Balances for her at $32.99.  I was pleased; New Balance is my favorite brand.  Added bonus for this stop, shoes were buy one get one half.  I got myself a pair of Teva ballet style flat shoes for $9.99-they were originally $49.99.

Then, we hit up Target.  This is another store that is better to shop with one kid.  We didn’t find much this trip, but I did get the kids some hats that were marked down to $1 and a multipack of three gloves for $1.  We can never have enough of either this time of the year.

Sunday was my big find day.  I had to go out again, this time for the teen.  She is going on her first ski trip and had to have pants and a coat.  She hates coats and tends to wear her Northface all winter instead of a true coat.  The other necessity that I had to get was makeup.  I dropped my foundation last week and the bottle busted.

We started our search looking at Goodwill.  I figured it would be a hard find, but wanted to give it a try.  We did not find the gear, but I did uncover a super cute cave girl costume for my tween to wear this Halloween.  It was only $1.95; the package said it was originally $24.95.  It was just the dress, but accessorizing will not be difficult and I have plenty of time!

After Goodwill, I headed to the ghetto CVS.  I prefer to shop the ghetto CVS; the store closer to my home is very high traffic and the markdowns are gone before I ever see them.  I was able to get 2 foundations originally $12.99 a piece for 75% off and then I had a $2 off coupon for each of them.  I was also able to score eyeliner at 75% off and mascara at 50% off.  Both of these had coupons as well.  At the end between the sales, coupons, and my Extra Care Bucks, I spent $6.  This also included three sodas and a candy bar for the tween.  I could have done a dance!

Finally, we resigned that I was going to have to pay a fortune for ski gear.  We headed to Gander Mountain.  There, we tried on many various on piece contraptions, jackets, and lined pants.  We settled on a jacket that was on mark down for $29.99 and pants that were regular price at $49.99.  When we got to the register, the pants rang up half!   It was still more than I wanted to pay, but I figure they can be used for many years to come between the two kids.


Passing Judgement

Recently, I have made a real effort to avoid Facebook; don’t get me wrong, I love the networking site since it allows me to stay in touch with my friends and family that I would otherwise not get to see.  However, over the last year, I have grown increasingly irritated with a lot of the posts that I see; there is just so much negative, hateful trash out there to see.  I have hidden many individuals from my page that share this type of material regularly, but still some of their posts get through and make it to my timeline.

This morning, I decided to check my feed and found a picture that another mother, a “friend” on Facebook, had taken.  She was in a parking lot and snapped a picture of another mother with her child.  The mother and child did not have on their coats.  The kid was crying.

Now, I agree, it is cold.  Everyone needs a coat on.  But I would never post something like that for a couple of reasons.

  1. I think it is incredibly rude to take a photo of another person without permission.  Especially one’s child.  I would be highly upset if I caught someone taking a picture of my child.
  2. You don’t know the situation.  Maybe, the child had just thrown up on it in the car.  Maybe, the mom was going to grab it out of the car a second later.

I realize that it is human nature to judge people.  We are all guilty of it, but the world does not need to know your every thought.  Instead of sitting in the car passing judgment, why not ask if they needed some help?

It kills me how many people are quick to pass judgment on others.  The comments that were posted were ridiculous and mostly from other mother- many that claim to be good, Christian parents.  Maybe I am crazy, but all I could think about was how rude it was to take the picture and judge this person not knowing her story.  I considered responding myself, but refrained.  I feel like that would just be more encouragement for her to post similar posts in the future as I look at such posts as a cry for attention.

Everyone has a bad day.  We could all use a little help from time to time and a little kindness.  Maybe, before you look critically at another parent next time, you should think about what the Bible says, “Love one another.”


Fifth Grade Drama

Two years ago, my oldest was eleven and in the fifth grade.  She is my social butterfly.  She had many friends and did well in school.  Fifth grade was going great.  Then, the kids had winter break.  My daughter returned to school, but things had changed.  Suddenly, she was at odds with all of the other little girls that she once called friends.  It was an on again off again roller coaster through to the end of the school year.

As a parent, I was at a loss.  I did not understand what had changed and, as much as I tried to give guidance to my child, nothing I could say seemed to make things better.  I mentioned the issues to my daughter’s teacher during a parent teacher conference.  I had to know if it was all my child or if there really was an issue that needed to be dealt with.  The teacher explained that it was a common occurrence with the age group and it was worst between winter and spring break when the kids are cooped up with one another unable to get out and play due to the cold weather.

Eventually, things did get better.  Thank goodness for summer vacation and going to different middle schools.  I had almost forgotten about my daughter’s dramatic second semester of fifth grade until this week.

Apparently history does repeat itself.  I had hoped that my children being vastly different would save me from the drama; this is my younger daughter, Jeanette’s, fifth grade year.  Jeanette is not like her sister.  She is soft spoken and has a tight knit small group of friends.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and takes everything personally.   Three days after returning to school from winter break, she was in tears.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting, to say the least.  At school, apparently things have gotten bad enough in class that the principal has had to get involved.  They made up for the sake of staying out of trouble, but are still being catty to one another.  I have tried to stay back and let things work themselves out.

At home, Jeanette is driving me insane.  She is just a miserable soul.  She doesn’t want to do her homework or practice her music.  Her room is a mess.  Anything that I say to her makes her end up in tears.  It is driving me insane.  I am hoping some one on one time this weekend will make a difference.

We have four more months until summer vacation; it cannot come soon enough.  I am officially more excited that my kids.




Monday Mishap-Dropping The Ball

My Monday evenings are normally very hectic.  My teen has activities after school.  My tween has a music lesson.  Then, every other week, we all have Girl Scouts.  I do this routine consistently and, for the most part, with ease.  Today was supposed to be pretty easy thanks to it being an off week and school being out for the holiday.

Today was actually a pretty good day; I had a full schedule at work, but was proud of myself for getting a 20 minute walk in at lunch.  I went nonstop otherwise.

After work, I stopped for gas on the way home and picked up the kids.  They were out of school today and this evening should have been relatively easy.  We only had one event, my tween’s lesson at 6:00.

I stopped at home to get a check for the teacher and for my daughter to get her instrument.  It was 5:20; I had plenty of time to sit down before leaving.  I read a few emails, played Words with Friends, and the next thing I knew my kids were yelling to me, “Mom, do you know what time it is?”

“Yes, we will leave in a couple of minutes,” I replied.

That is when they reminded me that the lesson was at 6:00.

I tried to call the teacher, but did not have her number, so I emailed her apologizing.  I asked for a contact number in case I have any issues in the future.

Tonight, I feel like poo.  I hate dropping the ball on anything; especially, when I drop the ball on something that affects other people.

I do better with a crazy routine.


Hurt Butts and Named Boobs

My kids fell playing in the snow this weekend.   They fell a lot.  Pretty much every time I looked out into the backyard one of them was floundering around on the snowy ground.  They both came in cold and hurting.  It was not a huge surprise that they were feeling it today.

My tween is not a complainer.  Well, she is, but not when it comes to her aches and pains.  My teen, on the other hand, loves the dramatics.  I cannot tell you how many times today that I have heard the phrase, “My butt hurts.”

Tonight, at bedtime, we were talking and, of course, the talk turned to her behind.  She was trying to tell me where it hurt.  It was her tailbone, but the conversation could not stop there.

I was trying to joke with her since she was determined that her butt was broken.  I said, “Well, it does have a crack in it.”

Apparently, that was enough to get her thinking because she responded with, “Yeah.  Shouldn’t it be two butts instead of just one butt since there are two cheeks?  You could call them Butt One and Butt Two or Cheek One and Cheek Two, or maybe Lefty and Righty.”

I really didn’t know what to say.  I was too busy laughing at her.

Then, she continued, “Well, not Lefty and Righty; those are my boobs.  Or they are Bonnie and Clyde.”

With that, I told her that my butt cheeks and boobs do not have names and that she needed to go to sleep.  I left the room shaking my head.  I guess hearing her butt hurts isn’t quite as bad as I thought.

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