Happy New Year

Wednesday.  It’s the new Monday.  At least today it is for me, anyways.  I am back in the office after my second long weekend in a row.  Today is the first workday of 2013 and, while I thought I would be ready to go, I would really just like to go back to bed.

I had a great long weekend!  Saturday and Sunday were pretty low key; I did get a few errands run and was able to do a little shopping.

Monday was my birthday.  The kids and I spent the morning at a day spa and I was able to use a gift certificate I had received for Christmas to get a new style.  I got my first massage ever which was amazing.  We had dinner at my favorite restaurant and I was surprised with a special desert for my birthday.  Later, one of my best friends came over and we drank wine and played cards.   I watched the ball drop with Larry and Jeanette.

Yesterday was another great day.  My sister fixed a late lunch for my birthday at her house.  I was able to play with my favorite boy in the universe, my adorable baby nephew.  Then, I dropped the kids off with my mom, visited with my parents, and left them to spend the night.

Last night, I got a rare night out.  Larry and I went to dinner and to a movie.  It was so nice just to get out.

Today is my official first day of the New Year.  I had my last hoorah; now we can start 2013.  I have new goals in place and today is the first day of my getting healthy initiative.  Despite this Wednesday being my Monday, it is going to be a great day.


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