No loss, no gain-week 2

Last week (week 2) was not the best week ever for me and dieting, so I was not surprised when I did not have a loss.  I am pleased to announce that I did not gain either; for that, I am counting the week as a success.


I knew this week would be a hard one due to a crazy schedule.  I had not factored in that we would have catered lunches all week.  Training also left me drained; I felt awful which did not help with exercise.


I was able to get in bed each night before midnight which seemed to help me with my overall energy. I will try for 11:30 this week.

I increased my water intake and lessened my dependence on caffeine.  I did relapse a bit this weekend, but am hopeful that I can do better moving forward.

I got moving.  Sure it was only twice, but considering the way that I have felt for the last two months, I am looking at this as a good thing.

I have been reading some great books on overall health and following some terrific blogs of others that are trying to diet and/or get healthy.  I am loving the fact that I am not alone and it is really helping to motivate me to do more.

Moving Forward

This week, my schedule returns to being somewhat normal.  I have created a menu for the week which should help to curb my making bad decisions.  I went to the store yesterday and got lots of healthy things for the kids and I to choose from; we are good to go with fruits, veggies, and low fat snack/lunchbox choices.  I should be able to get moving week; to get the week started on the right foot, I will be heading out for a nice long walk shortly!


2 Responses to “No loss, no gain-week 2”

  1. January 15, 2013 at 5:29 am

    Walk it, lady, walk it! 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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