The Teen’s Missing Undies

photo credit: *Samantha Murphy* via photopin cc

photo credit: *Samantha Murphy* via photopin cc

I love to find a great bargain.  It is in my blood.  Clearance sale racks are my best friends.  In a house with growing girls, our clothing tastes change quite often, so it is hard to find what the kids will wear on the clearance racks sometimes.  Just before the holidays, I was thrilled to find some cute multipacks of boy shorts for my teen on clearance.  I knew she would love them and decided to put them up for Christmas.  That was the last time they were seen.

I pride myself on being somewhat organized-especially with the deals I find.  I have space in the attic for gifts and space in the basement for household goods and foods.  There is a place for everything and everything has its place.  I guess that is why the missing boy shorts are driving me insane.

The first time that I thought about the fact that the undies were missing, I actually thought that I had already wrapped them.  I was about at the point that I was going to unwrap my teen’s gifts when I decided to refrain and see if they appeared Christmas morning.  They did not.

Later, I asked I had possibly given them to her early.  I did not remember doing so, but thought that maybe they were pushed back in the corner of her underwear drawer.  Negative.

I tore apart our attic.  I asked my friend that went shopping with me if I left the bag.  I even checked in my Christmas ornament boxes to see if maybe it had gotten thrown into one inadvertently.

Tonight, my teen told me she needs new underwear.  As much as not being able to find my missing bargain has drove me nuts it is now multiplied because I hate the thought of buying more and then the ones previously purchased appearing.

At this point, I am left with two options; I can either tear my house apart to find my missing purchase or take the teen underwear shopping.    I can honestly say, I am not sure which one scares me more.


3 Responses to “The Teen’s Missing Undies”

  1. January 18, 2013 at 4:56 am

    Can you ever have enough undies though? 😀

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