Weeks are flying by-week 3

Each week seems to fly by a little faster these days.  It is hard to believe it is another Sunday morning!  But it is, and that means I need to take a few minutes and reflect.

I have come to the conclusion that there are no easy weeks in my little world.  Each time I think that my schedule will get normal and the craziness calm down, I have something else come up.  Last week I had a sick child, a family member that underwent a major medical procedure, an abundance of extracurricular activities, crazy work schedule, and a random snow storm.  This all being said, I am very pleased to say that I lost 2.5lbs.


Life was full of challenges last week, as I mentioned above.  Stress is not my friend and my PMDD has been in full swing; I have got to find healthier ways to handle these things.  Dieting has not been easy for me mentally over the last few days.


I really had to think on what worked for me this week.  I definitely have gotten more exercise; not my walking like I wanted, but fighting with trashcans, shoveling snow, and rearranging my basement have definitely given me a workout.

The other thing I believe helped attribute to the loss is that we have had better foods to choose from.  I impressed myself this week with how well some of our menu choices worked out.  I had healthier lunches at work when I packed.  I limited my snacking and when stress did call for eating, I tried to drink water first and the house had healthier options if the water didn’t cure my craving.

Moving Forward

I haven’t given this coming week a lot of thought.  Right now, it appears to be pretty calm.  The kids are out of school tomorrow, we only have a couple of extracurricular activities going on, and my family member and their issues seemed to have been handled.  Later today, I will plan out my menu and prepare for what is hopefully going to be a somewhat easy week.  For now, I am getting ready to take the kids out for a bit to work off some extra energy.  Hope your Sunday is wonderful and that we all have a great upcoming week.


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