January Bargains

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Normally, I try not to shop a lot in January.  We don’t need a lot being right after the holidays.  This weekend, however, I had to shop; I was pleasantly surprised with the results that I had and thought I would share a bit.

First, on Saturday, my tween had to have new tennis shoes.  I had promised her that we would get some this weekend when it was just the two of us as her sister dominates the conversation anytime we enter a shoe store.  Originally, I planned to go to Rugged Warehouse and get some Nikes or Reeboks.  But we went into a Shoe Department first.  There we scored a pair of New Balances for her at $32.99.  I was pleased; New Balance is my favorite brand.  Added bonus for this stop, shoes were buy one get one half.  I got myself a pair of Teva ballet style flat shoes for $9.99-they were originally $49.99.

Then, we hit up Target.  This is another store that is better to shop with one kid.  We didn’t find much this trip, but I did get the kids some hats that were marked down to $1 and a multipack of three gloves for $1.  We can never have enough of either this time of the year.

Sunday was my big find day.  I had to go out again, this time for the teen.  She is going on her first ski trip and had to have pants and a coat.  She hates coats and tends to wear her Northface all winter instead of a true coat.  The other necessity that I had to get was makeup.  I dropped my foundation last week and the bottle busted.

We started our search looking at Goodwill.  I figured it would be a hard find, but wanted to give it a try.  We did not find the gear, but I did uncover a super cute cave girl costume for my tween to wear this Halloween.  It was only $1.95; the package said it was originally $24.95.  It was just the dress, but accessorizing will not be difficult and I have plenty of time!

After Goodwill, I headed to the ghetto CVS.  I prefer to shop the ghetto CVS; the store closer to my home is very high traffic and the markdowns are gone before I ever see them.  I was able to get 2 foundations originally $12.99 a piece for 75% off and then I had a $2 off coupon for each of them.  I was also able to score eyeliner at 75% off and mascara at 50% off.  Both of these had coupons as well.  At the end between the sales, coupons, and my Extra Care Bucks, I spent $6.  This also included three sodas and a candy bar for the tween.  I could have done a dance!

Finally, we resigned that I was going to have to pay a fortune for ski gear.  We headed to Gander Mountain.  There, we tried on many various on piece contraptions, jackets, and lined pants.  We settled on a jacket that was on mark down for $29.99 and pants that were regular price at $49.99.  When we got to the register, the pants rang up half!   It was still more than I wanted to pay, but I figure they can be used for many years to come between the two kids.


2 Responses to “January Bargains”

  1. January 29, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    I love bargain shopping and thrifting! And I am intrigued by the idea of the Aqua Mineral Makeup. Congratulations on your scores!

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