journey of the ice cube


Now, normally, I am not one to start something, but Larry is constantly picking on me and it isn’t often that I have a good opportunity to get him back.  Tonight, I had that opportunity.  My house never has a full ice tray; I really don’t care for ice in my drinks, so it doesn’t faze me.  Larry, on the other hand, enjoys ice in his soda.  Tonight, after dinner, he was fixing a drink and I was standing by the fridge.  He asked if there was any ice and I retrieved a half used tray for him.

Then, I saw an opportunity.  Larry was facing the counter, with his back to me.  He was minding his own business when I took an ice cube and stuck it down the back of his shirt.  Giggling, I left the room in a hurry; I knew it was only a matter of time before he retaliated and he always gets me back worse than I ever get him.

Moments later, I was in the living room with Jeanette; I thought that there might be safety in numbers.  Larry came around the corner and was prepared to get me with the ice cube.  Larry tried to enlist Jeanette to help in holding my hands so that I could not fight while he put the cube in my pants, but she declined.  She is my good child (at least for tonight).  Her prize for being good…I told Larry to get her.  Moments later, the ice was down her pants.  Squeals ensued; Larry and I were laughing.

At this point, the house is full of chaos and Brittany had to come see what was up.  The ice cube had been fished out of Jeanette’s undies and was ready for yet another victim.  Larry and Jeanette teamed up and the ice cube went into her pants.  One put it in and she was quickly pushed back upon the couch where Jeanette sat on her lap to keep her from being able to fish the ice cube out.  More laughter and squeals erupted.

Larry went back into the kitchen to finish making his drink.  Brittany fished the quickly melting ice cube from her undies and the girls started plotting again.  The cube broke into two which allowed them both some ammunition.  They rounded the corner and found Larry waiting for them.  They then threw the ice cubes and parted ways.

Part of the remaining ice cube was placed to rest in our kitchen sink.  The other part went missing; I can only assume that our dogs found it the perfect opportunity to join in.  Eventually, we all went back to our normal evening routines and the house became quiet again-Brittany doing homework, Jeanette playing online, Larry watching TV, and I went back to cleaning.

I had to smile after everything died down.  I got Larry and the kids got gotten, too.  Funny how something so little can liven up a house; that little ice cube had quite the journey.


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