Tuesday, It’s The New Monday

Mondays are tough.  No doubt.  But really, it is Tuesdays that I dread.

Tuesdays we have our staff meetings.  Painful staff meetings.  Nothing starts the day better than hearing that you are behind your goals.  Every.  Single.  Week.

This morning’s meeting just ended.  It was relatively short and painless, but I did have a couple of observations to share while they are fresh on my brain.

First, the word awesome is extremely overused.  This word was used at least 100 times in our meeting.  According to my coworkers EVERYTHING is awesome.  Frankly, I call bullshit and suggest that they all buy a thesaurus.

The second is actually more positive in nature.  One of my more enlightened coworkers mentioned that we should all leave a positive impression.  What a great thought.  We should all strive to leave everyone we come in contact with feeling better about something.  I think we all forget at times just how powerful we all are and how simple little things like a smile or thank you mean to people.

The same coworker mentioned a saying he had recently heard, “Hope is not a strategy.”  LOVE this one!  It will be my mantra for the day; I am not going to simply hope to get through this day.  In the meeting, I created one heck of a to-do list for the day; I have my strategy plan in place.  Now, onto the execution of said plan; hope your Tuesday is fabulous (anything but awesome)!


2 Responses to “Tuesday, It’s The New Monday”

  1. February 12, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    What an aw…er…fabulous post for a Tuesday.

    I used to get through boring meetings by composing haikus of the subjects being discussed. There’s a blog idea in that, I think.

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