Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

I have wanted to participate in the daily prompts, but haven’t been inspired much until this morning.  I thought this one looked like fun, but it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Honestly, I really don’t think that any of these things are particularly odd, exciting, or unique, but they do help to make me who I am, so I guess it should count for something.

  1. I am a natural red head and we are just as awesome as you have heard.  One of my daughters is as well.  Needless to say, this is the cause of a lot of friction in my household.  One hard headed female is bad enough, but two can be just plain dangerous.
  2. I care way too much if people like me.  Always have.  My grandma told my kids that when I was little, she would take me to the park and I would run up to other kids and ask them to be my friend.  If they said no, I would just cry and cry.  I like to think that I have gotten a little better over the years, but I still care way too much.
  3. I love old stuff.  I probably should say antiques, but, really, that doesn’t cover it.  I love anything different and love it even more if it has a story.  I love Target and Wal-Mart, but I want I don’t want my house to look like it came from there and look like everyone else’s.
  4.  I once stalked Jason Aldean through a Pac Sun store.  For those of you who do not know who he is, he is a country singer.  My sister is obsessed with him.  We were in town for his concert and killing time until gates opened.  I spotted him, but could not be sure, so I wandered around discretely behind him until I got brave enough to approach him.  He was pretty cool and took pictures with us.  Later, at another concert, he signed the pics for us.  Yeah, I am the best sister ever.  (Can that count as number 5?)
  5. I love being outdoors.  I love gardening, camping, rafting, you name it.  Or, if there is nothing else to do, I am happy just sitting in the sunshine.  Being cooped up all winter kills me.
  6. I long to run away.  I have an awful flight response especially when under stress.  I ran away ever weekend for almost a year after my ex died.  I just couldn’t stand to be home.  If it was not for my kids, I would sell my house and move miles away in a heartbeat.  Lately, I have been wondering if they might not appreciate a change of scenery themselves, but I really doubt I will be going anywhere any time soon.  Most of the time, my longing to run can be maintained with a good road trip which during the summer ends up with me outside somewhere.

2 Responses to “Daily Prompt: Far From Normal”

  1. February 18, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    OK, I think we are related, except for the country music star-stalking.

    And it took me three tries to write my DP post today. It was hard to think of six things when I have already posted everything else!

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