Calendar Hog

I really thought this week was going to be easy. Sunday, I wrote out everything we had going on and our family’s schedule was surprisingly simple.

Then, Monday happened. It started out as a normal Monday. I worked through lunch and left early. Monday is my day to pick up kids from play practice; I arrived early and camped out waiting for the girls.

The time for them to get out of practice came and went. Then, I started getting texts from the mom of the other girl I pick up on Mondays. She wanted to know if I had her child because her daughter didn’t let her know about track. Moments later, she texted me again that she was at the school as well and had my daughter. We met briefly in the lot and I took my kid and hit the road to get my other child for her music lesson.

While in the car en route, my teen rambled on endlessly alerting me to the evolving schedule that I was going to have to navigate through. I was informed that track try outs begin this week, tomorrow in fact, and that she would be participating. She also has band practice tomorrow night immediately following track. So I have to leave work early, pick her up, take her home to change, deliver her to band practice, and later pick her up whenever they end which means I am on call. Oh, and she has to be dressed in concert attire. Guess what I am supposed to be ironing. Lucky me!

Wednesday was supposed to be covered. My teen has another play practice and her friend’s mom was supposed to pick her up. Supposed to is the key word here; her friend is not required to be at practice. Guess what that means; yep, I have to at the school for pick up again.

Thursday is another band practice. Pick up at 5pm.

This morning, all I had on the calendar was today’s events. Now, I have a calendar full of crap. Thank goodness my employer is willing to be flexible; I guess I will be working through a lot of lunches this week.

As I updated the calendar tonight, my Calendar Hog noticed that Friday and Saturday were empty and asked what our plans were. She was informed not to ask for anything else. After turning my calendar upside down, the girl better just be happy for a day or two and let me recover.


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