Moving In The Right Direction

It has been a while since I updated on my diet progress.  I weighed yesterday and was down!  Only 82lbs to go!  I know it is a lot, but considering the struggles I have had recently getting the scale moving in the right direction, I am pretty pleased.

I have been doing better watching what I eat; really, I didn’t feel like eating much at all over the weekend.  I am trying to be better with planning our meals and snacks.  Jeanette asked moments ago for a snack and, when she asked how much she could have, I directed her to go by the serving size on the box.  I think portion control has been a big part of our issue.

Yesterday, I worked my rear off in our backyard taking advantage of the pretty day.  My legs have been aching ever since, but it is a good ache.  I have needed to get outside and missed my yard work.  I have been longing to get out and walk/run.  I think the weather might start to work in my favor for this endeavor and I can get Brittany to join me.  She is trying out for track at the middle school; hopefully, she will learn to love it and not have some of the struggles I have with exercise.

Despite the fact that I haven’t really lost a lot, my clothes are fitting differently.  My jeans that I bought in the fall are falling off of me; or being pulled off of me as Larry finds it hilarious to do when I am standing at the sink washing dishes (he is so mature).  I was determined to get a new pair of jeans and actually fit a pair two sizes smaller than the ones that are falling off.  I am not sure that it isn’t a fluke, but will count it as a win.

Guess that about covers what has been going on with the diet.  Hopefully, I will have more good news to report in my next installment.


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