Ten Things That Have Made Me Happy Today

1. My sister sending me random pictures of my nephew first thing in the morning-his little smile is contagious.

2. Finding the teen snuggling with the dog in bed; she swears she hates it, but they always end up together.

3. Coming into the office and having no voicemails to check first thing.

4. A good hair day.

5. Catching up with my mom during my commute.  Hard to believe that she was once the last person I wanted to talk to; funny how differently you look at things once you grow up.

6. Both kids getting to school on time.

7. A tear free morning for me and the kids.

8. Mountain Dew in the morning.

9.  Acknowledgement from the boss; I have been working my ass off lately.  It was nice to have something noticed.

10. Control of the music in the office.  Nothing is better than my eclectic mix of music.  It instantly brightens my day.


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