Karma, It’s What’s for Lunch

A couple of years ago, I had a run in with my kids’ lunch lady over my paying on their account late.  Both of my kids went to the school and generally had balances that were close, but for some reason the lunch lady liked to fuss at my younger daughter over the unpaid balances.

Initially, it was no big deal; they would mention it to me, and I would pay.  But Jeanette came home one day saying that the lunch lady told her that she would have to eat pbj if she didn’t pay.

This worried Jeanette and I asked Britt if the same thing had been told to her; the lunch lady wasn’t telling my older daughter these things.  I wrote them checks and sent them back to school the next day.

Jeanette turned in the check first thing in the morning.  She went to lunch, got in line, got her food, and then was confronted by the lunch lady.  She was told to put the food back and get at the end of the line for a pbj in front of all of her peers.  My daughter was mortified.

My daughter told me what had happened later that day and I was livid.  She was punished when she had paid the account.  She is not responsible for paying the account; she was being punished for my mistake.  And, she was shamed in front of others.  How many other kids were getting treated this way?

First thing the next morning, I called the school to see what time lunch Jeanette had lunch and to see what I had to do to eat with my child.  I met my daughter and went through the line.  The lunch lady seemed startled to see me.  She mentioned that the account had been taken care of.

Jeanette’s teacher was surprised to see me as well.  I was pulled aside and asked why I chose that day to come in.  I explained the situation and the teacher said she wasn’t surprised.  What bothered me is there is no way to know how many other kids were being treated the same way and their parents wouldn’t step in.  The teacher agreed and said that she would look into it.

The school did look into the issue; my daughter was given an apology and we never had another problem.  I hadn’t really thought about the issue for a long time, but my daughter brought it up this evening.  Apparently, the lunch lady yelled at one of her friend’s little brothers in front of others.  She was pulled aside by the principal and left the school in a fit of rage.  I had hoped that she would have learned after our experience, but I guess she liked picking on the younger ones.  Luckily, her bad behavior finally caught up with her.

As much as I hate hearing that someone has been fired, I am glad that she has finally been removed from the school.  No kid should be picked on by an adult.  If you don’t like working with kids, don’t work in a school.  It is as simple as that.  Karma; it’s what was for lunch.


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