It’s A Chain Reaction


My daughter is obsessed with her hair.  I mean OBSESSED.  It gets pretty obnoxious, to be honest.  The girl can go over the edge at times.  Frankly, I don’t know where she gets it from…

I have to give the girl props, Britt has great hair.  It is long, thick, and straight.  She is always getting comments from people on how she could be a hair model and should be in shampoo commercials.  She has a knack for styling it, too.  She has spent hours looking at magazines, books and watching videos online*.  She practices on herself, her sister, their dolls, and I am not sure that she hasn’t accosted our dogs a time or two.

The other night, Britt was determined that she needed to have her hair in curls the next day.  She spent ages in front of the mirror and, eventually, I needed in. I asked her to move.  Then I asked her again, and again.

I guess I was getting on her nerves because she lost control of her hair, and her temper.  She got out of the bathroom, but not peacefully.  She shut herself in front of the mirror in her room and continued her mission.

Eventually, she calmed down and came out of her room.  She still was not pleased with how her hair was going and started to fuss at me for messing up her hair.  “Wait a minute, how did I mess up your hair when I didn’t touch you?”

“Ugh, you got me frustrated and I lost my grip and my hair got messed up.  It’s your fault, Mom.  It’s a chain reaction.”

As usual, she was over the top, and I probably shouldn’t have laughed but I did.  Then, I asked, “A chain reaction?”

She said, “Yeah, Mom.  It’s called a chain reaction.  We learned about it in science.”

At that point, she started laughing, too.

The next morning, her hair was fine and all was pretty much forgotten.  We did, however, get a great new catch phrase out of the deal.  Now, whenever anything goes wrong, one of us pipes in with, “chain reaction,” and the moment gets instantly lighter.

*I was looking for a great pic when I stumbled on this clip Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong On Ellen.  You may have seen the video, but I really loved the girl on Ellen; she could be my kid’s BFF with no problem.  I can totally see Britt doing the same thing!



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