Working With The Crazies

My job drives me crazy.  I love what I do, but anyone that works with people knows it can be challenging.  Last week was particularly difficult.  I had a zillion things going on and had a particularly difficult client to please.  I made it through the week just barely missing a trip to the psych ward.  Seriously.

Sunday, I thought I would do participate in the daily prompt that was supposed to represent the previous week.   I initially chose not to post the list after writing because I realized it made me look mental.  I am ready to share; it is listed below:

1.  Jaron and the Long Road to Love, I Pray for You

2.  Perfect Time for a Breakdown, Follow That Sound

3. Sonia Leigh, Fading Away

4. Taylor Swift, Mean

5. Violent Femmes, Kiss Off

Some of the crazies trickled into this week.  I had a client scheduled to meet a representative from my company Sunday, but found out Monday that the rep didn’t show.  Later, the rep called and said that it was because the client’s wife didn’t call to confirm their appointment.  The client and I have played phone tag all week.

This afternoon, I finally connected with my client.  He called me on my cell phone as I sat waiting for Britt to get out of play practice.  That is another issue with them, we have no boundaries.  It was an awkward conversation to say the least.  The man is a straight shooter and I am sure a bit of an ass, so I hated to throw his wife under the bus.  He asked what had happened and I let him know that the rep never had a call confirming the appointment.  I hoped it would be enough to satisfy the man, but he continued probing.  Finally, I just let him know what had happened.

“She never had a call to confirm the appointment.  If she had, you would have everything you need in place.”  I said, hoping to skim over the issue of who was at fault.

“Just tell me, did we drop the ball.”  He said.

“I hate to get anyone in trouble, but your wife dropped the ball.  She was supposed to call on Saturday to confirm and forgot to.”  I replied.  Then I added, “I think she is great and I hate to throw her under the bus.”

The man kind of chuckled and said, “I have been married to her for thirty two years.  She has good intentions.  But good intentions do not pay the bills.”

I cannot tell you how relieved I was that the man was okay with everything.  I really hated to get anyone in trouble because I do believe it was just a careless mistake, even if it did create a lot of unnecessary drama.  I was able to get my client to reschedule and told him that I would be responsible for confirming this time.  Our next appointment is scheduled for this weekend.

I still have a lot of stuff going on and, working with this client, I guess we have another week of crazy yet to play out.  Luckily, I have calmed down a bit, finally, so set the fun continue.  Thank goodness for crazy meds!


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