Savings Success

Some of you probably have followed me long enough to know that I am on a money saving kick this year.  I am not, by any means, trying to live like a pauper.  But, if I can maintain my quality of life and save, why not?  I had a few really good successes and thought I would share a few with you.


When I started working on my budget, Larry pointed out that I was paying a lot more for my coverage than his was.  Upon a little research, I found I could save by changing.  I called around, but was not impressed by the other agent’s customer service (not one place I called for a quote returned my calls).  Finally, I went to my agent to see what was up.  Apparently, I was grandfathered into a plan with more benefits-benefits I was paying for but not using.  I got them to give me a new quote on auto which saves me over $20 per month.  I also had them check on my homeowners plan; there, they were able to save me around $300 annually.  My total savings-over $500 a year.  Not too shabby!


I am not one to spend a lot of time or money on myself, normally, but on occasion, I do love a mani/pedi or to get my hair done.  My favorite nail salon offers deals periodically and I purchased one before Christmas for a gift only to find that I could not print it out the way I wanted.  I kept the package, a mani/pedi for $25 (usually $40-$50), and was able to treat myself this week.

Also, this week, I got my hair done.  This was done with a Groupon.  I was able to score a haircut, style, and highlights for $29.  The deal was actually for $39, but they were doing a promotion where they gave $10 for coming back to them.  Great deal for me, and they did a good job.  I will probably go back.


If you have never been to Khols, you are really missing out.  I had two great trips over the last few weeks.  First, I was able to score bras for my teen for less than $3 apiece.  They were on markdown with an additional 25% off.  Added bonus, I have an awful time buying bras for my teen because she is an odd size and she actually likes them!  I am going back to see if I can get her a few more.

My second Khols experience was a total fluke.  I did not plan to go or plan to be shopping at all, really.  My brother needed to run in and, while he was looking, I found household clearance.  I was able to get four plates (which I really needed), a bathmat (another necessity), and a new shower curtain.  As I wandered I also found some earrings for my grandmother and a cosmetic gift set that is going to be super cute in my teen’s Easter basket.  Everything was on sale with the additional 25% off coming to just over $30.

I mentioned above that I will be going back to for more.  You are probably wondering why.  Well, I got a coupon in the mail for 20% off and, then, my mom gave me two coupons for $5 off on any purchase.  I cannot resist!


This is one area that I usually do not get to use a lot-either full price or otherwise.  I generally am a homebody anymore which is kind of sad because I love to be out and about.  That is probably why I am so excite about these finds.

First, we have a great music festival coming to town this summer.  It was announced a while back and, I was able to score tickets before they went on sale.  Doing this, I was able to save $10 a ticket.  I would have gladly paid the full price which I thought was not bad either at $35 per ticket for a day of music.  But, because I was actually paying attention, I got them for $25 apiece and I cannot wait for the show!

The other deal that I got on entertainment will, hopefully, get used tonight.  Our newspaper has a deal of the day sort of like Groupon.  This week, they offered tickets to hear bands play at a local vineyard which just happens to be one of my favorite places.  Pairs of tickets are half price at $10 apiece and you could get two packages.  Weather permitting, we will be there tonight and still have a cheap date night (or girls night out) for later on.

You can live well and not spend a fortune.  It is totally worth your while to check out the deals around town and to do some research.  Hopefully, I will have more to share in the coming weeks and months on what I have saved!  If you have found a great way to save, please share; I am always looking for new opportunities to improve!


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