Attack on the nostrils


For as long as I can remember, I have had a weak stomach.  I had to leave the room when my mom changed my brothers’ diapers.  One is in his thirties and I can still remember…  When I was pregnant, the smell of my husband’s breath could make me ill.  It is a wonder that I made it through changing the diapers for two kids, but, somehow, I did it.

Then, we got the dogs.  Our first dog wasn’t so bad.  Yes, housebreaking was a chore, but at least he wasn’t a vile disgusting creature.  A little bit of time and a lot of scolding later, and he was, virtually, accident free.

The other dog, well, he is a different story.  Our second dog came straight from hell.  He has earned the nickname Devil Dog.  He refuses to be housebroken.  No matter how much scolding, begging, pleading, treat offering, or whatever else we can try, he refuses.  Why?  He loves poop.  The dog plays with his poop.  He hides his poop.  He eats his poop.  Hell, he will eat the other dog’s poop.  Yes, I have really enjoyed this animal.  I am such a lucky pet owner.

Brittany came home early today with a stomach bug.  I was not terribly surprised that one of my kids caught the bug; both were exposed to the bug over the weekend.

Britt came home and went straight to bed.  She was armed with an empty trashcan, just in case.  She wanted to rest, so I went off to start some work in the other room.

As I was working, Devil Dog was messing.  He got into Britt’s laundry; I wrestled her dirty underwear out of his mouth.  He then went to looking for shoes, which I moved out of his reach.  Eventually, I thought the room was doggy proof.  That is when he disappeared behind the chair.

That was when I started to smell the smell.  It took over the room.  My nostrils burned; my stomach churned.  Then, the gagging began.  I started fussing at the dog as I looked for where he had hidden while he did the deed.  He ran back towards Britt’s room.  I followed.

As I got closer to the room, I realized the smell was growing stronger.  It was not my dog that violated my house and overloaded my sensitive senses, but my daughter.  I was shocked.  Holding my breath, I opened a window despite the 30 degree temperatures outside and overloaded the house with air freshener.

Then, I began to feel a little bad for fussing at the Devil Dog.  Only a little bad; he managed to get a hold of Britt’s dirty underwear that I thought had been put out of his reach and the pursuit began all over again.

I am still in awe that such a vile smell can come from a human.  I was certain that Devil Dog was to blame!   Hopefully, the worst is over for Britt.  Now, I am just waiting to see which of us will succumb to the bug next and dreading what affect it will have on my senses.


1 Response to “Attack on the nostrils”

  1. March 19, 2013 at 11:14 am

    Uck! I hope she feels better soon!

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