Hard Decision

The stomach bug claimed another victim last night.  Jeanette finally succumbed to the germs.  I knew that it would likely happen, but I was totally bummed that it did when it did.

Jeanette won her class spelling bee a month ago and today is the school’s.  She is supposed to represent her class and, if she wins, move onto the city competition.  She has been so excited.  She has studied daily and has been truly looking forward to the event.  It broke my heart when she cried her little heart out over missing the competition.

Jeanette has not gotten sick for a few hours.  I had originally planned to keep her home today, but the school called to see what our plans are and it made me wonder if it would not be okay for her to go on in-just for the competition.

I have decided to be one of the parents I typically hate and take her on in for the competition.  She has worked too hard to miss out on the opportunity.  It is a very hard call for me to make, but I don’t know when she will have the opportunity again.  Some days, parenting is way harder than it should be.


6 Responses to “Hard Decision”

  1. March 22, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    I hope everyone is feeling better soon and that your daughter kicks butt in her competition!

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