Reaching For the Stars

My teen has been set on stardom for a while now.  She is constantly talking about talent shows she can participate in, model searches that are coming to town, if it gets her in the limelight, she is all about it.  I try to be a supportive parent, but I also try to keep her feet planted firmly on the ground.

We have spent a lot of time talking about her search for stardom lately.  Last week, the school announced a talent show.  She started working on an act last year, but quit mid-way through practices as she was not truly prepared.  She was hoping to try out again; however, I fear we will be in the same boat.  I explained that I did not believe she was really ready again and suggested that we look into drama and/or voice classes.

This afternoon, she came in wanting to try out for a local television station’s talent show.  The winner gets to be in commercials for the news station.  She was all about it.  But, we ran into the same issue, she has nothing prepared and the contest is next week.

The contest got Britt searching the web for other contests.  Then she stumbled onto pageants.  Insert dangerous dun, dun, dun music here.

I have never wanted to be a pageant mom.  It has never crossed my mind to put either of my girls in such a position.  I want them to be appreciated for their brains, to understand that it takes hard work to achieve goals and that there is more to this world than superficial beauty.  I also find the amount of money people put into pageants outrageous.   That all being said, I also try to support my children in whatever endeavors they are led to try and because of this I started researching local pageants.

I was able to find a pageant that is not too far from our home.  It is put on by a Christian organization and entry fees are reasonably priced.  Luckily, Britt does not want to try a glitz pageant.  If she had been set on this, I probably would have declined her request.  But, this pageant encourages age appropriate dress, hair and makeup.  No midriffs can show, no tear away outfits, or talent routines with a dark undertone.

The other great thing about this pageant is it is months away.  I am not able to register yet because it is so far away.  This means she has time to prepare!  This also means, if she changes her mind in the next few weeks, she can do so without consequences.

I believe some good can come from letting Britt participate  The event gives Britt something to work for.  Now, she has to practice her instrument this summer and prepare for her talent competition.  She can help come up with the money for her outfits.  Maybe, this will actually help to teach her some responsibility along the way.

I am worried about how Britt will take it if she does not win, but, really, that is part of life.  She has tried out for sports and solos at school which she did not get selected for.  I am confident that she can handle whatever decisions the judges make.

I am really surprised by how excited I am over this, but Britt’s enthusiasm is contagious.  I am looking forward to the next few months and preparing her for the big day.  I guess I am going to be a “pageant mom.”  If she keeps reaching for the stars, heck, I might even be Miss America’s mom one day.


2 Responses to “Reaching For the Stars”

  1. March 26, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    It is impressive how motivated she is. Most teens can’t be bothered to do anything. You raised her to be passionate- that is great!

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