A Father’s Love

If you follow my blog, you know that I have a large, close family.  I am very proud of us-even if I do not always agree with the decisions of the other family members.  I attribute most of our awesomeness as a family to our mom.  She has always been the glue that keeps us together.  Our father, while he is in the picture, is not always the most warm and fuzzy, supportive parent.

I think of all of the siblings that I probably have the best relationship with our father.  I get him; he has worked for everything he has gotten.  He wanted us all to be able to do the same.  He expected us all to walk the straight and narrow.  If you stayed out of trouble and were low maintenance, the old man was happy.  Otherwise he rode you hard until you shaped up.  We each have a strong work ethic thanks to him and are each independent adults today, for the most part.

The poor old guy got more than he bargained for with his two daughters; we are both just as stubborn as he is.  I figured him out early.  I kept a low profile, worked through school, kept up my grades, and asked for very little.  My sister, while also being fairly low maintenance, has not always seen eye to eye with the old man.  While she has always wanted to make him proud, she also wanted to spread her wings and sow her oats.  Eventually, she moved out (a decision that was not ideal for my parents).

My sister has been on her own for about a year.  She lives with her boyfriend and their son.  She works and does her best to make ends meet with little to no support from the boyfriend.  Unfortunately, things have gotten very tight lately.  My sister let her car insurance lapse and her tags expire while she has been waiting for her tax return to arrive.  Her boyfriend received his return and bought a new four wheeler.

I was not aware of how bad things had gotten for my sister until earlier today when I ran into my mother at lunch.  She said that my father was saying my sister should move back home since she was struggling and not getting any help.  I was surprised that he was open to letting her return home.  He was part of the reason for her moving out initially as they were constantly butting heads.

What my father did next surprised me; he went to their insurance agent and paid her bill without her knowing.

Then, he ran into her boyfriend.  Or, her boyfriend ran into him.  It was shortly after my father paid the bill, so he was still fuming.  Her boyfriend, unaware, strolled over to say hello and got quite the talking to.  Our father is a man of few words, so when he speaks, you listen.  He told the boyfriend to man up and start helping.  He also told the sorry boy that he now owed my father $100.

I spoke with my sister earlier and she relayed the encounter that her boyfriend had with our father.  It was pretty awesome.  She was unaware of his desire for her to move home until I brought it up.  It upset her because she looks at is as a failure on her part; I hate that she became upset and that she looks at his comment that way because I am looking at it very  differently.

I love the fact that my dad was willing to step in without being asked.  He was trying not to make her feel bad, and to help her in his own way.    I like knowing that he is there if we need him, no matter how old we get.  I appreciate the fact that he was willing to bypass her altogether rather than hurt her pride.

Hopefully, things will improve for my sister soon.  At least now she knows that she is welcome back at home and has been reminded that the old man loves her.


1 Response to “A Father’s Love”

  1. April 10, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    Sounds like your dad is a great guy- I hope your sister finds someone like him to replace the boyfriend!

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