Feeling Thankful

This evening was one that I dreaded for a while. Generally, I get very lucky and my kids, despite having busy schedules, generally do not have overlapping commitments. Tonight, was opening night for my teen’s play and my younger daughter had a debate.

Thankfully, I had some help with orchestrating getting kids where they needed to be and the timing worked out so that I could catch at least part of my teen’s performance. I will be able to catch the show in its entirety tomorrow night.

Now, being a mom, I know my kids are brilliant. But I was struck by just how great the other kids were at both events. These young people have spent months preparing for the events and it showed. The kids at the debate had researched, prepared speeches, and had to speak in front of a huge group which is hard for many to do as an adult. The teens had to memorize lines, songs, and choreography.

Both of the events were truly extracurricular events. Although, the debate team did get to work during school hours since it is still elementary. I was struck by how dedicated the team leaders were, teachers that gave their own time to work with the kids. But I think I was more impressed with the teachers and principals that were there that didn’t have to be, but chose to support our kids.

Tonight, despite the running around, I am feeling very blessed. I am so thankful for those individuals that give of themselves to better our kids.


1 Response to “Feeling Thankful”

  1. April 19, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    Amen. I’m truly thankful for all those who give their time up for my kids. They are amazing!

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