Contraband 101

Last night, I had a much needed night out with a girlfriend. We had a blast! And, thankfully, I am not hung-over this morning. See, miracles do exist.

Being that that I really do not like beer, I wanted something different to drink. We opted for sneaking in our own liquor. I know, this is not one of my shining mommy moments, so don’t tell the other PTA moms.

We learned a few things last night that I thought were worth sharing.
1. Everything is overpriced at the civic centers. We all know that. But, where people were paying $7-$9 for a beer, my drinks were around $5 each. My airport bottles were $2 each and sodas were $3 for a medium (roughly 16oz)
2. The key to bringing drinks in is to get past security. My purse had two pockets that are hard to see on the front of the bag because of its print. My friend put hers in the zipper pouch inside hers.
3. Get plastic bottles. Unfortunately, this was not an option for what I chose. Why is this important? One of my bottles shattered inside my purse. I discovered it when I noticed the purse was dripping and then cut myself on the broken glass.
4. Go incognito. Wait until the lights go down to mix your drink; you never know who is watching and do not want to get thrown out. We had families on either side of us and did not want an angry mama confrontation.
5. Of course, it goes without saying, but do not drink and drive. Have a plan for if you do go a little overboard. We walked ours off as we went to a local bar for the after party and from there walked to get food and back to my friend’s apartment. Now, I just have to find a ride to go pick up my car….

Really, the most important lesson of the night is one we call should remember. It does a person some good to let loose now and then. I cannot wait until our next night out!


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