An Exercise in Dysfunction


Right around Mother’s Day, the gym down the street had a special running with a reasonable initiation fee.  I decided to go ahead and give it a try.  I figured that I could go after the kids were settled now that they are older.

Besides being close to me, the gym is close to my Work Buddy (W.B.).  She had been going on and off, but not really committed either.  We talked and decided to meet to work out.  Just knowing she is there is enough to make me go (yes, I am a bit codependent).  Then, my brother started going, but only when he could get in on W.B’s membership (I am not the only one with dependency issues).

So, we have been going for over a month now.  My brother eventually got his own membership, so he can go whenever which has been good with coordinating schedules.  We all have things come up but I have generally gone at least three times a week.

Talking to W.B. earlier this week as we were walking the treadmill, she confessed she pushes herself harder when we are there together.  So, my going makes her work harder.  Funny thing there, because if I want to stop and she is still walking, I will keep walking.  So, I work harder because she is working harder.

Last night, however was the one that took the cake.  I had decided early on in the day that I was not going to the gym.  I had too much to do.  W.B was actually pretty cool and didn’t pressure me too much.  I went home and was doing my thing when in walked my brother who wanted to go to the gym.  When I informed him of my plan not to go, he gave me this look of disappointment and said, “Ugh, really?!”  Just his look of disappointment was enough for me to stop what I was doing to go to the gym.

As I changed my clothes, I sent W.B. a text telling her that I would be joining her after all and I went on my merry way.  When W.B. got there, she informed me that my text woke her up.  She was actually going to skip, but knowing that I was there waiting got her moving.

We all had a good workout last night thanks to our incredibly codependent gym relationship.  I guess we should all look into what malfunctions make us react to one another this way, but we can save that exploration for later.  All that matters for now is that we are moving, dysfunctional, but moving; maybe one day we can be skinny and dysfunctional together.


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