Apples Don’t Fall Far

This year has been big for my older daughter, Brittany; she has played up and joined the high school marching band.  She made a new group of friends, high school friends.  She has had practices, games, parades.  Her schedule hasn’t left her open to drop everything for her middle school friends outside of school.

My daughter has always made friends easily and loves fashion, hair and nails-she is totally one of those girls.  In seventh grade, she became joined at the hip with Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is an only child and the daughter of a girl I went to high school with-a girl that had been ugly to me.  They went to the beach, camps, and were constantly at one another’s home.  Elizabeth doesn’t make friends as easily.  She is a typical only child.  She is an over achiever, very self-centered, and determined that everyone must like her.  She comes from a broken home.  Needless to say, she has not been a fan of my daughter making new friends.

This year has been big for my younger daughter as well.  She started sixth grade.  Jeanette is not as outgoing as her sister.  She is quiet, serious, and a book worm.  I worried about bullies.  Apparently, I was right to worry.

The girls ride the bus together and it all started one morning.  Jeanette was very cute in jeans and a hand me down top from her sister.  Hand me downs are a way of life in our home and has never been an issue, but Elizabeth decided to call her out for it in front of all of her friends on the bus.  Brittany stood up for her sister!  Brittany responded by shooting off at Elizabeth that her shoes were ugly.  Not the most eloquent way of handling the situation, but I was thrilled that she stood up for her little sister.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of the story.  Elizabeth has only gotten worse from that day on.  She is constantly talking about Brittany behind her back starting drama.  Elizabeth deleted Brittany from all of her social networking sites only to add her back shortly thereafter.  It has been ridiculous.  I am sure that my child is not perfect and has done her share of stirring the pot, but I am fairly certain that she has not been the instigator.

I have encouraged both of my daughters to be nice, but not create drama of their own.  Brittany has pretty much written Elizabeth off as a friend thanks to all the drama.  Both of my girls come home almost daily telling stories about Elizabeth talking about them.

I never said anything choosing to let the girls handle things for themselves.  Then¸ I came upon a post that Elizabeth’s mother put on Facebook.

The post was saying how sad it was that her daughter was getting bullied.  It went on to say that her daughter was tender hearted and asking for advice.  She had thirty people encouraging her to go to the school.  I said nothing.

I was really disappointed in Elizabeth’s mother.  I know her. Yet, she chose to post her complaint about my child on the computer.  She did not hear about how her “tenderhearted” child started it.  I had actually saw the woman the day before; she had my number.  She chose to make a stink.  I waited for the school to call; I actually hoped they would so that mother and daughter could be seen for what they really are.  Eventually, I thought things had blown over.

I noticed this morning that I had not noticed any new posts from Elizabeth’s mom in a while.  Funny thing happened.  Upon doing a little research, I found had been blocked.  Mother created a stink and blocked me just as her fourteen year old has done my daughter.  I guess apples don’t fall far from their trees.


1 Response to “Apples Don’t Fall Far”

  1. December 13, 2013 at 5:41 am

    Rotten apples for sure. Yes, isn’t nice when people block so that they can trash all they want. So petty!

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