Death Does Not Become Me

Death happens.  Yeah, it sucks.  I have had to deal with more death than I care to think about.  Last week, right before Thanksgiving, my boyfriend lost his grandfather.  Today was the service.  We were not able to attend.  The family has posted things about his passing for a few days now and I knew there would be mention again today, but one of his cousins posted pictures from the funeral.

Honestly, taking pictures at a funeral is nothing new.  I have seen pictures from my own grandfather’s funeral back in the 60’s.  I remember as a kid seeing them for the first time being totally weirded out.  Today, my response was not very different.

OrneryDame: I have never understood people taking pictures at funerals

WorkBuddy: no kidding

OrneryDame: Sean’s cousin just posted a picture of the casket
OrneryDame: I want you to remember me living

OrneryDame: if i die before you, make sure my kids and future grandkids do not whip out a phone at my funeral
OrneryDame: it is bad when my comments make myself giggle
WorkBuddy: lol
WorkBuddy:i will confiscate all phones if i manage to outlive you
WorkBuddy:: we will have a bucket at the door of the funeral home 🙂
OrneryDame: haha awesome
WorkBuddy:: like a key fishbowl
WorkBuddy:: lol
WorkBuddy:: we should prob have a key fishbowl at my funeral
WorkBuddy:: b/c everyone should be drunk and have fun
WorkBuddy: lol
OrneryDame: 🙂
WorkBuddy:: open bar
WorkBuddy: lol
OrneryDame:prop you up beside the jukebox?
WorkBuddy:: no, put me in a box
WorkBuddy:: just have me sitting up when everyone is partying lol
OrneryDame: 🙂

In all seriousness, remember me being alive and well.  Remember me having a good hair day.  Remember me being skinny, and tan (if only I could remember myself that way…).  Don’t take a picture to remember me with the mortuary makeup, stiff from death, and lying in a box.  Don’t let anyone else take one either.


2 Responses to “Death Does Not Become Me”

  1. December 13, 2013 at 5:39 am

    I couldn’t agree more. I did like Obama’s selfie at Mandela’s funeral… not!

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