Coming Up Rosie

A few weeks ago, the kids and I had some time to kill and stopped in at our local pet store. We were just checking out the critters when we saw long haired hamsters that had been dropped off by someone that no longer wanted to care for them. They were adorable and my eleven year old fell in love. Of course, that started the never ending begging for a new pet.

With Christmas fast approaching, I held off. First, I really didn’t want another animal. Second, it is quite the investment by the time you buy the cage, bedding, toys, food, and the animal itself. I debated for a while and determined that we would find a way to get the kid one for Christmas. Then, it became a matter of logistics which I probably made much harder than necessary, but such is my life.

Last week, we were faced with another night having time to kill. We ended up back at the store to find the little guys we had liked were gone. We asked an employee who said there was a single hamster left and it was at the front of the store. She had just been dropped off and had obviously been loved at some point because she was very tame. They had her offered for a whopping $7 with the cage included. I could not pass it up. We went ahead and got the supplies with my daughter knowing that the hamster was part of her Christmas gift.

Becoming part of the family was easier said than done. Rosie, the hamster, was a hit with the kids and my boyfriend. Our dogs, however, were not so sure. Both dogs love chasing the squirrels and chipmunks in our backyard. To them, Rosie was another critter to chase, and hopefully devour. It reminds me of the part in Nemo where the sharks say, “Fish are friends, not food.” Same goes for hamsters in this household.

Rosie has grown comfortable in her new surroundings, even with the dogs. She has been spoiled rotten. My daughter has read up on everything hamster. Rosie has treats and toys galore. She is constantly getting held. And she has a wish list because apparently she is begging to get out of her cage and needs more to do. We will likely be getting a hamster ball soon. Although, I am seriously tempted to get the hamster car because it is pretty darn awesome, not quite as awesome as the ones in this commercial, but pretty awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYOX5eYcViw

This afternoon, I got a text on my way home from my daughter. She wanted to know if we could get a hamster leash for Rosie. I am pretty sure that I need to draw a line now. I can just visualize the poor rodent getting drug along the street with every cat and dog in the neighborhood nipping at its tiny heels.

Hopefully, the honeymoon won’t end for a while and my daughter will continue loving on Rosie. For now, cleaning the cage isn’t a big deal. Pray it continues and that no one surprises her with a hamster leash for Christmas.


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