Mommy Dearest

I really try to take the high road when it comes to Larry and his ex. I try to treat their son like I do my own children. Some days that is easier than others, but I do try. He does not make it easy. He has his own set of issues like anyone else, but his are a bit more defined. He is ADHD and has a mild case of Asperger’s. I am pretty sure that there is also an attachment disorder, but the mother has not disclosed that information, I am purely speculating.

Over the last few years, I have watched from afar as Alvin’s mother has played favorites with his younger sister. She has sent Alvin away for weeks at a time for as long as I have known them. Weeks. It started as young as four years old. She takes trips whenever she has sent him away; her, her new husband, and their daughter. She has posted on her Twitter feed about how she secretly loves the weekends that he is away. As he has gotten older, she is constantly posting how she cannot take his attitude anymore. Rarely does one see a post where she is doing anything with the child one on one or putting the child in a favorable light whatsoever.

That all being said, it is no wonder that the boy acts the way he does. It does not make him any easier to handle. People see it. His first kindergarten teacher told her to have him tested and she refused. Later, at her second school, it was demanded and that was when they diagnosed his problems. Now, she tries to look like the good parent, but still pawns her boy off faster than a hot potato.

Last weekend was one of the weekends where she was fast to let him go. For the first time since I have known them, she took her son with them on a family vacation. They returned home, and the first thing she did was call Alvin saying that he could stay with us for the weekend. Really, Alvin was not terrible for us. He had his moments, but nothing major.

Then, I noticed a post on Mommy Dearest’s Facebook page, “I am so done with this attitude. I can NOT take it anymore!” Of course, it is followed with all of her friends chiming in to see what is going on. What really got me was that someone suggested a good old fashioned “ass whoopin’” and she responded, “Oh trust me. He got it. It did nothing but make things worse.” Then, she said, “We have found that the artificial food colors have a huge impact on his behavior. Anything full of artificial anything seems to upset him but the colors make it a hundred times worse. People don’t seem to understand until they have a child like that.” So you are beating a kid for his behavior but saying it is the food colors that make him act that way? How does that work? Mind you, this is the woman that does not cook and posts almost daily about eating out. He refuses to eat pretty much anything that I fix; I do fix balanced meals for my family. Her son burned himself at four making his own breakfast using a toaster oven while she slept. What really got me, though was that the blame was thrown on us. She ended her conversation saying, “We have tried going to an all natural/ organic diet but he doesn’t get it everywhere he goes.” It was a jab at us; she had posted earlier that he had been a monster since he came back from my house earlier in the conversation.

I do not feed my kids all natural and all organic. I am not opposed to doing so and I would not knock someone else for going that route. Perhaps, it does play a part in his behavior. However, the kid was gone from home across country for almost a week. Then she shipped him off to us. His routine has been ruined. He did not get to have a day to relax at home his first day back despite there being no school; she shipped him off to daycare despite her being home all day long. And, thanks to her wonderful parenting, he thrives on negative attention. Big surprise that the kid acted up.

It takes a lot to make me mad, generally. I was shaking I was so angry last night at the conversation. I want so much to give this woman a piece of my mind. Part of me wants to just tell her that we won’t take him for the weekends anymore. Maybe being stuck with the monster she created will make her appreciate those weekends she “secretly loves” once again. I won’t do it of course. Frankly, I think it is time to be a little more cunning when it comes to dealing with her. I am pretty tempted to call social services since she thinks it is okay to brag about beating on a kid that has issues already. She had threatened to call social services on Larry if he ever laid a hand on her precious boy.

Next Sunday, we will be having a special lunch in Mommy Dearest’s honor followed by cookies and Mountain Dew. I might even send a care package for him to have later on.


1 Response to “Mommy Dearest”

  1. January 21, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    Sounds like a complete nightmare. I’m so sorry. Best to you.

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