Everything Happens for a Reason

Normally, I do not believe that everything happens for a reason. I think it is a pretty lame saying. Some things just happen. Some things go beyond reason.

That being said, pretty sure that everything happens for a reason this morning. I am only a few hours into the day, but events have already taken place that just seem funny to me.

School was on a two hour delay this morning and after two days working from home, I was actually okay with returning to the office. I had, however, considered staying home again because my schedule sucks and I have to do a pick-up which cuts my day short. If I work from home, I do not have to cut it quite as much.

All that being said, I made sure the kids were at a point where they could get to the bus stop on time without too much drama and I headed to work. I was only about an hour later than usual. Upon starting my computer, I found that nothing worked. Our IT is offsite and said that they would be in shortly to fix the computer making me waste considerable time. Instead of waiting, I opted to return home to work (something I should have done in the first place).

Here is where some divine intervention comes into play….as I drove down the street, I realized it is trash day. I missed it last week and my cans are overflowing. My returning home meant I was able to get my cans out. I know, not the most groundbreaking event ever, but still it helps me immensely.

Then, I got a text message from my daughter. My responsible children forgot their keys. Both of them. My working from home meant that they do not have to stand out in the cold.

Added bonus, the house is quiet! I can get my work done. I guess some good might come out of this rotten start to the day and things might actually happen for a reason from time to time.


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